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  • ezgreen ezgreen Jun 16, 1999 4:26 PM Flag

    Food for Thought

    If Japan and the Asian economies are starting to
    turn the corner then what is to prevent "Oil
    Production" demands (Refining,Transporting, & drilling) from
    increasing? Will PKD be left out in the cold, while the
    others prosper? Don't forget PKD is not just a driller,
    it has other related services that will be in demand
    as things pick up. It took PKD from the high of
    Oct97 to the low of March99 to end its downtrend. That
    is about 1 1/2 years. We are only about 2 1/2 months
    into a sideways trading channel and don't really know
    when the trend to the upside will begin. Keep in mind
    that stocks generally fall faster than they rise. So
    for the impatient, how long is one willing to wait?
    Just waiting and watching and holding what I have.
    Good luck to all.

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    • ReadRealTimeQuote_NowHaveAngina ReadRealTimeQuote_NowHaveAngina Jun 16, 1999 4:49 PM Flag

      swift kick to the "Johnson" of PKD shareholders. Buy PKD, wear a cup.

    • a fundamental truism. Everyone should remember
      what you just said when frustration is/has setting/set
      in and is beginning to overtake their normal
      behavior. Coming from you, our resident technician, it's
      especially meaningful.

    • As PKD is at or approaching, yet again, the
      "lower range" several of us dared to speculate about a
      couple of weeks or so ago ($3.00 plus or minus a 1/16),
      I was curious as to your current reading of the
      "tea leaves." Per the following, we remain in an
      uptrend from our lows but, as we know, that can change
      once a support level is violated or one of the other
      primary parameters are

      • 1 Reply to LCBard
      • Here's the correct URL and, NO, we are not still
        in an uptrend.

        Guess my dementia is showing,
        yet again.

        No spam intended, but the URL of
        the stock I inadvertently posted (CYTC) is one I've
        been following, like a great deal, and have
        successfully traded several times for over a year. BIG swings!
        Have missed a couple but due to underlying acceptance
        of that companies new technology, revenue growth,
        and now PROFITABILITY, like the Eveready rabbit, it
        just keeps coming back. Again, not a spam but an
        explanation for accidently posting the wrong URL.


    • The Following is Advanced Technical Analysis (and
      No Place for Wimps): PKD and its inferior satelite
      stocks, NBR and PTEN, are in the process of forming a
      large multi-stage base. There have been a couple of
      notable false breakouts over the past 30 days, but a
      classic transitional streaking star formed on June 1.
      After the streaking star pattern, the stock broke above
      the Franz-Kuhn trendline at 3.25. This is a rare
      event and, when combined with the Khan-Mobius
      Prognosticator, a certain precursor of booming profits and
      unlimited upside. The stock has broken a trend line
      extending down from January 1999 and another longer one
      extending down from July 1998. There is nothing but clear
      sailing from here and I anticipate PKD will leapfrog NBR
      on its way to $79



    • What the hell have you been inhaling. You need to
      take a break from that stuff. However it would not
      piss me off if PKD wnet to 1/2 of your prediction.
      Good luck and take a break from that stuff. Peace

    • Thanks for your reply to KRK. I was in the
      process of trying to
      figure out what manner of
      "vitamins" the man was taking, as I
      definitely need that
      kind of supplement. You have to admit one
      His terminology on some of this stuff is really
      Streaking Star, I dare say, has yet to be accepted by most
      folks. Funny anyway. T34 B

    • Red Ant great posting good information for tomorrow
      get your vodoo doll ready...LOL

    • KRK...thank you for your alway fine and
      analytical report.
      An Astro-Stellar "W" pattern is now
      under completion to be finalized tomorrow with an intra
      day low at 3.00 and subsequent 100 percent gain by
      mid August to 6.00 per share as was projected two
      weeks ago.
      In case of failure get some extra long
      pins at local store for vodoo doll transplant of
      Seniors head to Junior and vise-versa....LOL.


    • KRK..meantime send me a sample of that stuff guy,
      can use some of it in my vodoo rituals, got an altar
      all fixed up for PKD for tomorrow, will light the
      candles at when it reaches 3.00 completing the
      Astro-Stellar "W" pattern. Otherwise vodoo head transplant for
      the Parkers.


      The words
      Astro (tm). of the Houston Astros. and
      (tm) NASA.

    • Short buster, (that be me) does not put a 1 in
      place of the letter l. I use a 2
      Go ahead and have
      some fun. Get a new id and piss off a raft of posters
      on this wacko board. Start a war and I'll join in, I
      will. Yeah. this place loves a contest of verbage

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