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  • jvdabum3 jvdabum3 Jul 9, 1999 4:59 AM Flag

    PKD beats OSX 3x's....

    I don't know if PKD will continue this trend, but
    it has beat the OSX over the last 20 days. Take a

    Who woulda thunk it?


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    • After posting the previous comments, I went to
      the EVV board for the first time in weeks and didn't
      really come up with anything to give us a lead as to
      what's happening there other than rumor and

      The post (of mine) I referred to in my previous post
      was #319 on Jun 2nd. As far as I know, not much since
      has happened with EVV except it fell out of bed and
      is now climbing back.

      In fairness and as was
      previously known, EVV has actually turned a profit but it
      should be noted that several (I believe four, built on
      spec) of their units are sitting idle awaiting their
      first deployments. Potentially very profitable if
      contracts are about to be let but not yet announced. Other
      than that speculation, they are susceptable to being
      bought but who isn't in this sector and related

      Also, EVV's Mid-eastern partner is about to start-up
      ON-SITE his PURCHASED unit (outright purchase made EVV's
      quarter and unless idle units are put to work, it's
      questionable whether they can remain in black) and the
      potential in that region is supposedly great...Can believe
      the main buyer types would be VERY impressed with
      EVV's technology that is is the
      only unit of it's kind designed for MAJOR cleanups of
      oil field seepage on a continuous and cost efficient
      basis...but it's not going to happen overnight except for the
      remote possibiltiy of the idle units being put to work
      but that maximum contribution to both the top and
      bottom line is finite and predictable, imo!

    • Oil field service sector peaked on October 27th.,
      1997, the enclosed chart shows a comparison of the
      Philladelphia OSX Oil Field Service Index VS Parker Drilling
      for the period covering the last 90 weeks following
      that event or landmark.

      As seen from the chart the difference between the
      OSX and PKD is 48 percent, therefore in accordance
      with the earlier posted model would expect for PKD
      ultimately to add a minimum of 48 percent to the current
      price of 4.0625, alone to equal the OSX move, and being
      that PKD is a terciary stock, would expect a much
      greater percentage move on the upside
      Creating a current moving target of 6 1/16.

    • Candidly, I don't know what to think about EVV's
      recent move (previously owned 50% by PKD...sold in
      December '97 for handsome profit).

      I still have a
      token number of shares and have been considering
      dumping them, myself. As you may know if you follow the
      EVV thread, I let it all hang out a couple of months
      ago re EVV's management, their nearterm prospects,
      their decision to build spec units, their concentration
      on far-flung overseas markets, and now seeking to
      enter the waste disposal (fish entrails, no less) biz.
      All this said...this recent move is impressive and
      can't see anything but a major buyer or two behind it.
      I worry about their going to the equity well again
      to gain sufficient cash to pay-off the white knight
      didn't fulfil his promises after ponying up the money to
      payoff PKD. Something's up for sure and I wish I had
      enough shares to bother with dumping half and letting
      balance ride. As it is, I'm reluctant to sell and opposed
      to buying more. However, for a new position for
      someone else with different objectives, it truly is (at
      least for the moment) an interesting speculation, imo.

    • I know at one time you where a holder of EVV. Are
      you still following it.
      I'm thinking about sinking a few bucks in it
      sometimes today. Your comments and opinions would be

    • J.V.,.....most sector moves are characterized by
      the leaders primary stocks (SLB, RIG, DO, Etc.)
      moving first, then after some time the secondary stocks
      (GLM, ESV, etc.) move, along with the primaries
      continue moving.
      Finally the terciary stocks (PKD,
      etc.), beging to make their moves as the others continue
      moving at a lesser rate.
      At the end of the move the
      terciary stocks undertake the secondary stocks and
      undertake the primary ones and surpass them ultimately in
      Downward moves in sectors are just the oposite
      with terciary leading the way down.

    • Our old faithful just keeps on keeping on!

    • In the July issue of Petroleum Engineering it
      claims US production of crude oil and lease condensate
      was 6,330,000 BPD during May of 1998. While
      production during May of 1999 was at 5,893,000 BPD. A
      substantial 7% decrease in domestic production.
      increases our dependence on outside production by

      The statistics go on to claim that May 1998 world
      production was at 75.38 MBPD while the May 1999 level is
      73.01 MBPD. A nice reduction of 3.14% or some 2,340,000
      BPD less world wide production. Of this 2.34 MBPD, of
      less worldwide production, the US is contributing
      437,000 BPD of less production or 18.68%.

      Interestingly the US produces only about 10.9%+- of total daily
      world production yet we are contributing 18.68% to
      reducing the "world glut" of oil.

      Interesting that
      while the consumer complains about increased costs of
      gas at the pump our own administration allows the US
      to become more and more dependent on none US oil
      while others would claim that OPEC is ganging up on the
      US to flood the market.

      What is the real
      story hear?

    • PKD is up 25% for the past 20 days. Since June
      26, this stock has shot almost straight up. I'm
      impressed and I must admit, a little surprised. It is fun
      though, isn't it?


    • WEDNESDAY - JULY 14,1999

      *****API SAYS

      Brent To Open 20c Higher, Gas Oil Up $1.00
      August Crude Light Oil...UP
      24.....UP 1.2%
      August Heating Oil.......UP 57.....UP
      August Unleaded Gas......UP 18.....UP 0.3%
      Natural Gas.......UP 32.....UP


      $OSX - OIL SERVICE.....PKD UP 1/8.....UP 3.1%


      API Pulls Another Surprise

      Oil Closes Over $20 On Saudi Pledge
      COLOMBIA: Move To Revive Interest In Oil Sector
      ~~~~~~~(you may have to register - it's
      From LABPUPPY: Bob Bowker's Weekly
      We don't know what we want, but we are
      ready to bite somebody to get it.

    • CUZZZzzzz,.......sometime back I told EZGreen to
      relax, take a chill pill, and go fishing, and that is
      what I plan to do myself tomorrow "this is a done
      a little rhyme
      "PKD to double
      from 3-6

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