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  • kmr123999 kmr123999 Dec 3, 2004 2:56 PM Flag

    Coverage Initiated - Buy

    That's one thing still hanging out there. Somebody starts coverage on CKCM, with a nice Buy rating, and BOOM shorts will be scrambling to cover at $17. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

    I'm guessing institutions are accumulating now, before the coverage is started.

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    • Think again. I'm secure in MY belief in this company, this sector, and the market. I just wanted to know what Joe was thinking. I am quite sure he can make money trading with his methodology. His trading style certainly differs from mine but that's ok. I will typically buy and sell a single stock many times, but only companies that I believe still have major upside - and that is CKCM. Take a look at MFLX if you get a chance.

    • Joehasfarts: Did you take your Ritalin today? OK. Did you take your Mellaril and Dilantin? Good now your task for today is to rake up all the leaves in Yosimite.

    • shut the fuck up you piece of shit, you just earlier today said that you have said nothing bad towards the company itself and that you are just trading, now you say that the company is headed lower with its forward p/e??????? you're pathetic, plus you got no life, all you do is post your bullshit on this board all day.

    • Sweet,
      Wow man, talk about putting the who in it! Soul-less, going to hell, ease guns there big guy he/she/it clearly has enough issues as is.

      Preparing to be trampled by the sun....

    • it. This WAS an obscure little stock 6 weeks ago. Now it is countless radar screens of investors and traders alike. I have seen this stock mentioned on at least 15 boards including MFLX, IGLD, INCX, ECST, LONG, ELOS, WIND, and many others. The lure here is RFID and if CKCM's management executes as well on RFID as they have in software(good bet) CKCM goes parabolic.
      Nope. Different deal now. Bull market, oil plummeting, election resolved, tech and E-commerce red-hot. We rally into earnings and CKCM knocks the cover off the ball-with more info released on RFID.
      Fellow investors: don't let an amateurish, totally uninformed short with a vested interest in YOU selling talk you into selling your shares.
      No sir.


    • I think you should short.

      If CKCM goes up a couple of dollars don't worry it will fade -- put some more money in and average the price up for the short.

      Keep in mind that stock charts always repeat themselves.

      Forget the talk about this being a Bull market.

      Never mind the talk about CKCM getting into another trading range and bringing in a larger group of potential buyers.

      That news about the IBD list, well that's all bull.

      When the CEO said that CKCM might get another aquisition, well he was probably blowing smoke or talking about 10 years from now -- nothing will happen!

      Your short position is as safe as gold in Fort Knox.

    • Joe Dimples,
      Thanks for your point of view.

    • The chart tells me what happens with it's earnings reports. Look at the 2 year again. You have the nov 03 run then the 30 or so day drop till january then another great pop but only back to the nov high then fade down again. So going by that I will short it till just before earnings, go long for the pop then dump it when it hits $13.75 again cause it should fade again. Don't you see it? I do. Remember, the price is higher now which takes into consideration that this is a different company. Just my opinion but following the chart is what alot of the big money does.

    • Really, Joe, 100% chart reading? No observance of the company? This company is not the same company as last year.

      Are you not afraid that the next earnings report is going to blow the socks off your narrow viewpoint? Or are you not in for that long?

      How can you, with a straight face, say that this company, that you admit you know nothing about, is going to be lower in March '05? Don't you think that's a little inane?

    • Couldn't agree more. The floor appears to be around $11.50. Up from there in due time. "Internet Index" is down today as well, by the way.

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