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  • blue_devil_ninetynine blue_devil_ninetynine Oct 30, 2005 1:39 PM Flag

    The contrarian moomoo theory

    A few weeks ago I felt that moomoo was bashing the stock because he had a short position and he wanted the stock price to fall. At this point though, he can't really expect to bring the price down any further before earnings, and once earnings are announced, they will drive the price up or down depending on whether they're good or bad. And even though earnings are uncertain, we all know that the signs are very positive.

    So why would anyone possibly want to bash this stock right now? It isn't to actually drive the price down anymore. Could it be that he's just trying to keep it down as much as possible to allow a hedge fund to cover and go long before earnings? This is the only reason that seems to make logical sense at this point.

    If he truly expected the stock to tank after earnings, he'd actually want to pump the stock up right now, so that he could short it at as high a price as possible, and then make a lot of money when it crashed after earnings. He clearly isn't doing this, so it must be that he's trying to hold it down before earnings, in order to make money when it goes up after earnings.

    Then again, he could just be insane... :)

    Net net, he's either insane, or he's bullish on CKCM prospects after the earnings release.

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