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  • jane_y89 jane_y89 Oct 23, 2012 5:17 PM Flag

    where is the bottom?

    anyone? 4,3,2,1,0
    was out at 20. been watching. not sure when to get in again.

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    • Might consider an alternative to asking "where is the bottom" and instead ask "when is the bottom."

      When share price is in a relentless downtrend and has broken all resistence it is more useful to ask when the bottom than at what price.

      IMO, KIOR is crashing on concerns that plant commission is not going as planned. Perhaps a hedge fund(s) have sent investigators to Columbus to poke around and see if there are problems. Well of course there are, its a new plant design and there will be troubles, so they should not have difficulty finding them. However, is not that there are problems, but how serious those are that matters. And here, only upper management will be fully informed.

      For a long, the difficulty is compounded by the notion that production was to have begun in September and there should have been a press release announcing the event. The absence of a PR has been seen by some shorts as confirmation that there are serious problems.

      With these factors in mind, I have been buying here the thinking that the shorts are overplaying their hand. The company has NEVER issued a press release on Columbus's status. They never announce the ground break or construction completion so I see no reason to expect them to issue a press release concerning the level of production. However, I do expect them to fully report the status of operation in the quarterly conference call as they have in the past. So Nov. 8th is the red letter day to look forward to and my thinking is that the low will be put in between now and then and there will be a rally going into the call. So by beginning now, there will be not too much time remaining for the market to work lower, and predicting when a rally will begin is difficult.

    • The bottom is at zero. This is a sham company that is living off pr vapors

      Sentiment: Strong Sell