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  • minchie89 minchie89 Jul 10, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    On my Scotttrade Level II radar someone Just bought 50K shares??

    WHY are MM, Hedge Funds, Insti. Investment houses start to BUY into this Stock???
    What do they KNOW what I do not KNOW? NOT a level Playing field of course we ALL know this but WHY BUY NOW?? I am inclined to FOLLOW the $$$ But all my $$ is tied into CZR (which went up over 12% today and sold too early as my 12% gain got sold as Online gambling is the next biggest money maker for them and a host of other gambling stocks but back to KIOR,=... I own Solazyme since $7+ and SOME KIOR but I need to know ONE MORE THING Before I purchase a CHUNK of shares (for me it is 10K shares) may be small for others but I am into GREEN BIO when they have Pullbacks and set my Stop Losses at 15% for them. Worked for me so far oh and one more thing... Day trade AAPL it is so easy to short and BUY for a 5 to $10 gain (easiest $$ I ever make BUT I am only in for 500 to 1000 shares both ways and can make 5K AVG. every day doing this and VERY Cautious on the Markets Overall....