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  • ozigo70 ozigo70 Sep 5, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

    Silence is not golden

    KIOR is more than 2/3 though what could be their last quarter of existence and all that is heard is crickets. It seems to me that IF there was a postitive production story a simple PR would solve many issues, so, IMO the silence speaks volumes. At this point I'm wondering if the company will make it to the next CC, by my reconing they will literally run out of cash and have to cease normal operations well before the second week of November. You roll the dice and sometimes you come up a winner and sometimes you lose, that is life. One thing is certain, this story will unfold quickly over the new few weeks, one way or the other.

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    • Unfortunately I'm afraid you could be right. The only "good" news is that there hasn't been a massive volume surge and insiders/institutional selling. Yet anyways.

    • My thinking precisely. What I can’t understand though is who is buying? Only scenario I can think of is short position being closed and new ones being established? Uptick rule was missed by .09% yesterday. I requested an update on production from IR a couple of days ago but still haven't heard anything.

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      • In all my years of investing, I'm not certain I have ever seen a management team perform more poorly from a PR perspective. They come out with what they deem to be great news, i.e. 43% uptime for the BFCC, without attempting to reconcile the obvious math problem, i.e. only producing 75K of fuel with tthe technology working over 40% of the time. That, and now they are attempting to change the stages necessary to bring to plant on line. Bottom line, management has a serious credibility problem that won't be easy to overcome even if by some miriacle they survive.

      • I agree that buying now is a risky gamble but if the price keeps dropping as it has, I may buy soon

        Also, I don't think they will die as quick as you think they will. They can always dilute the stock some more to get more funding, that isn't the major short term issue (though it is one of them) On the next CC, they need to produce some HUGE numbers in production. They need to show that the plant can work in large scale. If they don't do that, and just produce ok numbers, the stock will just sink some more.

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