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  • cecilmurrel cecilmurrel Mar 14, 2009 10:42 PM Flag


    I've read your blog for over a year and a half, and with the exception of WNR, you have been regularly wrong. I have seen you call them wrong on:


    sure, I have also seen you get small pops and if you took profits, then okay. But, these stocks you have been long have been losers. You also called the implosion last year as being overdone and that was when we were at around 11,000. You have been consistently wrong. You are a nice enough guy, but wrong on most of your picks. sorry, but this hurts your credibility.

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    • To set the record straight he has not been right with WNR either. He came on the WNR board last September and started pumping with the share price in the 11's. Buy and Hold was his suggestion. He said it was the most undervalued stock in the entire market to quote him. Here it is nearly seven months later and the share price is still in the 11's. He said not to trade it cause you would ying yang yourself. He shorted Gold going long GLL last week in January, gold promptly went through the roof. Last week he said he went long FAS, but he only stated that AFTER it had a huge day. Junk likes to hear himself talk I think. But his picks are useless.

    • Cecil,

      I applaud your post, but is anyone really surprised that a blowhard and a loud mouth like Junkypants would be anything other then wrong 95% of the time.

      The observation is an obvious one.

    • Cecil, you should be embarrassed to post you have read his Blog for over a year and a half, I bet you did'nt think about that much before you posted.

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