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  • prudentvoice prudentvoice Feb 12, 2010 3:25 PM Flag

    Gaby is now saying "WE" and "OUR"

    "WE"???????????? who else are you associated with?

    BTW, you never answered your claims of being an expert and knowing patients are doing poorly. So I ask again - - -

    1. What makes you a biotech expert?

    2. Please state source of anecdotal evidence that patients are doing poorly once again in phase 3.

    Gaby, these were your words (below) on your 10-Feb-10 08:52 am post: If you are to have any credibility you will need to answer.

    Hi ! Well, all biotech experts know that stimuvax results will be awful, based on the failed phase 2 trials and also on anecdotal eveidence that patients are doing poorly once again in phase 3. Let me know if you have any other questions.
    thank you

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    • Here are the answers;
      1) I am not a biotech expert, but we do have access to high quality research from biotech experts and talk on a regular basis to many researchers, doctors, and cancer specialists. We also attend many biotech conferences.
      2) We cannot give specific names for security and regulatory purposes.

      So all in all, it's obvious we have a deep knowledge of the biotech field, and I am sure our outstanding research is much apprecited on this board.
      thank you

      • 1 Reply to gabymacias
      • How come NO other research facility in our world can not be named but yours??? Hmmmm??? All of them want to be named so they can get their names in lights when they are proven correct! You have no access to any research ANYTHING but your cats, NOBODY on this board respects ANYTHING you say and EVERYONE here hates the fact that you LIE about quality research with no credibility yet you condemn this stock like it hurt your feelings or something. You certainly aren't any kind of investor, short or long as you r just plain too stupid!
        No such a thing as not being able to divulge names for security or regulatory purposes, If any comment is made public it must have a name or it isn't real!!! Nobody needs protection for being a noted expert with a viable opinion! And where exactly have you provided ANY NEW knowledge or New information to this board that would qualify as "outstanding research"??? You post old articles and give no links to your blatent lies! The answer you came up with about the Farber Inst, anyone could Google in 10 seconds!
        What I don't get is how come you don't see that NOT ONE PERSON HERE has one iota of respect for you or anything u say! Everyone is making fun of you! Do you like this?
        Oh btw, 'cancer specialist' is a term for a layperson! Any real biotech related professional refers to them as "ONCOLOGISTS"!

    • I suggest investors not mention price or what a charts looks like. People like Gaby are here to make money off us (long or day traders)investors. When you mention what you bought in at, it suggests your a momentum investor and have "scared money" on the table.
      I read M&M's in San Diego are hiring Mexicans to be on massage boards all day, they do this all the time. It's their job to take from the weak and sell to the confident, strong holders. The beauty is to hold and see what happens.

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