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  • hmarand1 hmarand1 Feb 17, 2010 4:37 PM Flag

    Gaby = Mexican working for WBB

    Junky research cons in San Diego.....funny story

    They think people on this MB are bum az, no way jose (KHOZE)

    Onty will shine and they know it

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    • Good morning (it is for me)

      I see that the price has dropped 4% due to perhaps some gullible holders believing what so called researchers say.

      The result; well the price dropped 4% and about an extra 200k shares changed hands.

      The price appears now to have stabilized.

      Well nothing has changed since Monday there is still no news good or bad and 200k shares have been shaken out.

      So what, I hear; well at $100 each on a good result that makes $2M gross in 12 months.

      I would say it was worth doing a little gigery panky for.

      O Well, why do people trust these people to do their DD when the only one you can trust is yourself.

      It is sad.



    • With all due respect, hmarand1, I would appreciate if we could keep this board to facts and stated opinions about ONTY and its stock, and not make fun of others.

      It appears to me Gaby wants the stock to go down. I want the company to succeed and the share price to rise.

      I have no idea if she is connected in any shape or form to WBB Securities and would not accuse her of this without first having the facts.

      Thanks for your help moving forward.

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      • Connected the dots and here is my openion.

        I suggest investors not mention price or what a charts looks like.
        People like Gaby are here to make money off us (long or day traders)investors.
        When you mention what you bought in at,
        it suggests your a momentum investor and have "scared money" on the table.
        I read M&M's in San Diego are hiring Mexicans to be on massage boards all day,
        they do this all the time. It's their job to take from the weak and sell to the confident,
        strong holders. The beauty is to hold and see what happens.
        she is not only on yahoo Mboard but also on many others.
        She has an excel open and she is reporting her finding to her research team and
        they are always on the other side of each BIT/ASK against small day trader & investors.
        She gets paid $40 a day and they make $1000 the math yourself.
        best think to do here is to bull S, just like her....
        She may even get married to CEO of WBB who knows....

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