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  • bellevue146 bellevue146 Dec 3, 2012 1:56 PM Flag


    If the republican congress would do the right thing for the country by raising taxes on the rich and quit so being so greedy. republicans are against the poor and middle class that they are blind to see they are going run this country into the ground.

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    • The Republican super wealthy don't care about the country IMO only their wealth.If they did they would be pushing for a higher minimum wage.They don't care

    • Nearsight146


      From a New Orleans, LA Obituaries:
      “Larmondo ‘Flair’ Allen.

      Larmondo ‘Flair’ Allen, an ENTREPRENEUR, died feb. 7th, of gunshot wounds on Martin Luther King Blvd. He was 25. Mr. Allen was a life long resident of New Orleans. Survivors include his companion, Kawanner Armstrong; three sons, Christian and Kwan Allen, and Larmondo Allen Jr.; six daughters, Deidra, Larmonshell, Lamonshea, Larmomdriel, Larmaerja, and Korevell Allen; his father, Burnell Thompson; his mother, Ester Allen; his stepfather, Bruce Gordy; eight brothers, Burnell and Edgar Thompson, Wil Willis, Danta and Reshe Edwards, and Mattnell Burnell and Lester Allen; five sisters, Shannail Craig, Lekiksha Thomposn, Gwendolyn Carter, Jessica Willis and Katina Gordy; and his grand parents, Delors and J.C. Allen, and Anna Laura and Wil Thompson. A funeral will be held today at 11 a.m. at Majestic Mortuary, 1833 Oretha C. Haley Blvd. Burial will be in Providence Park.”

      Let’s get the players straight before we go on with this..

      His Companion: Kawanner Armstrong
      His Sons: Christian Allen, Kwan Allen, Larmondo Allen, Jr.
      His Daughters: Deidra Allen, Larmenshell Allen, Lamonshea Allen, Larmomdriel Allen, Larmerja Allen, Korevell Allen.

      AT AGE 25 - He had 9 Children.

      His Father: Burnell Thompson
      His Mother: Esther Allen
      His Stepfather: Bruce Gordy
      His Brothers: Burnell Thompson, Edgar Thompson, Wil Willis, Danta Edwards,
      Reshe Edwards, Mattnell Allen, Burnell Allen, Lester Allen.
      His Sisters: Shannail Craig, Lekiksha Thompson, Gwendolyn Carter, Jessica Willis, Katina Gordy.
      Grandparents: Delors Allen, J.C. Allen, Anna Laura Thompson, Will Thompson.


      He was 25 and had 3 sons and 6 daughters. NINE welfare recipients collecting $950 each ..... That equals $8,550 a month !!! Now add Food Stamps, Free medical, Free school lunches, And on and on.

      Do the math ... $102,000+ /year.

      Anyone out there, sittin' on their butt while reading this, making A HUNDRED GRAND doing nothing?

      Now that, to me, is a real Entrepreneur.


      And THAT is why this once great country is BANKRUPT!!

      Charity begins at home, not with the FEDERAL GOV.

      Tax payers are supporting thousands of these small business "ENTREPRENEUR'S"

      Remember this April 15 2013 you can write a check for more than you owe. I am sure you will....NOT!!! you HYPROCRITE!!!!!!


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      • Well, His suicide makes one less, doesnt it? I see we live in a world thar protects the rich and what they did to get there, but demonizes the poor as money takers from the govt. Maybe we can get them all to commit suicide, hey Cas? AND this is from New Orleans where the poor were stranded in water much longer than everyone else, and lost everything to that disaster. But we should let them suffer for that as well.

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      • "Anyone out there, sittin' on their butt while reading this, making A HUNDRED GRAND doing nothing?"

        Well, Romney made $13.7 million doing nothing since his investments are in a blind trust (or so he says). And unlike your guy, Romney also wasted about $1 billion of other people's money trying to deceive the American people. Fortunately Romney probably is sittin' on his butt doing nothing now.

        Praise the Lord.

      • so what
        throw out the 99% who deserve benefits/help for the 1% who cheat.

        This guy should be a republicon poster boy for screwing the 99%.

        By the way the fact that you have labored to include all the names is typical dogwhistle politics. Classic in fact

    • Are you,by any chance, a resident of the mental hospital in Bellevue? Is 146 your room number?

    • Remember, those Republican congressmen signed a no tax increase PACT with Grober Norquist.

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