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  • daweasl652 daweasl652 Apr 11, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    the onty vs imuc challenge.


    Thurs., April 10, 2013.- market close.

    Onty - - - - $2.41

    Imuc - - - - $2.41


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    • I don't even want to go there with such a challenge between imuc and this stock of no name.

      however, to address your previous lamenting about stimuvax, there were several valid reasons to be somewhat optimistic about start.
      1, 17 month advantage in the subset.
      2. long term survivors, some over ten years.
      3. The commercial P2 safety trial.

      These were all valid reasons to be somewhat optimistic, however over the 5 years of the START trial.
      "things happened" and the results were not repeated.

      no sense wallowing in our disappointment on blp25, but PX 866 has some potential as a covalently bonded PI3K inhibitor, the only one like it. after blp25 though I won't speak about it too much unless we see some real results though. It is going against some tough cancers and there have been recent failures like Kerx' pi3k failed miserably. I would not speak of PX 866 to anybody unless they prove something first.

      and yet still looking for that moutain path in some hope for the hopeless and staying long/

      thank you.

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      • jyardagg,

        you are right, serves no purpose to beat ourselves up over mistakes, ...Have to learn from them.

        the post below, 2 days before news, not one acknowledgement, except, redplate, who said " This is not a discussion." .........referring to moa. - ok, no more cryin'..... The touchdown catch June 4th ? for all onty longs, I hope so.

        daweasl652 • Dec 17, 2012 4:13 PM Flag0 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply share price falling, i sure hope its not the result of investors reading this abstract for the first time.

        "We hypothesize that a tumor-specific ....response is attainable, but only when the MUC1 componet of the vaccine contains......glycosylation.

        Stimuvax - a nonglycosylated peptide vaccine. -

        Hypothesize - "supposed but not necessarily real or true" - this is good,
        -my interpretation of this abstract, not good.

        Its nice to read everyone embraced this abstract as theoretical efficacy of ont-10 - Should be on the market in just about 10 years

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