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  • daweasl652 daweasl652 Aug 14, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    jdagg -

    "at the same time clocking them upside the head" - that was good. You have a talent to write , I can only read. I doubt the big party will ever come to fruition, would of enjoyed meeting you. Yes, owning onty definitely puts me in a position to spit wooden nickels, unfortunately.

    Impossible to be objective, but a failed ph II, failed ph III, . . . .. another trial ? My gut feel, it's over. Can klinkman convince MRK to design, finance, and start a ph II Ont-10 trial in Jan. based on the Nov. readout of ph I ?

    cytk, biod, - results Sept. ,,,, , ,, the science: my call, good news, both of em

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    • I kind of like BIOD's odds here and the market cap on the success scenario.

      $25 if positive
      $ 2.50 if not.

      we were both right on vicl. I just stayed away.

      I'm holding some biod and waiting.

      on blp25 fda says let them eat cake and die unless another trial proves it.

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      • Jdag,

        I don't think BVF shares your same thought with their recent buys. I don't think they are in the business of counterfeiting two dollars bills by tearing off the zero's on twenties.

        Don't see bailing at the low to speculate on another shot of hope. It may take some time but pps will creep back up.

        Still holding 70k shares, 2c is a lot, and for Newby it is huge.

        Wonder if Bio and Zap are still holding mega shares?


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