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  • ricky_rudedog ricky_rudedog Jan 3, 2002 11:02 AM Flag

    Why it makes sense

    Haven't seen anyone post this link:

    It makes sense to me.

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    • I doubt that figure takes into account the hours of frustration new hires went through in do-it-yourself hiring process which involved the portal. Or does it take into account the hours wasted trying to get onto the portal, mostly in earlier stages, and have it lock up or not be implemented correctly? Are the learning curve hours taken into account because their was no training provided? (The HP Portal is not the easiest to navigate for alot of folks.) Or the frustration level of down times and peak usage times, etc. Muliply these experiences and many others by 80,000 or so employees and I think you'll find the portal less of a success than it has been hyped up to be.

      Stating that a certain amount was saved is like stating pro forma earnings. You can pretty much say any number that pops into your head that you think people will readily buy. It doesn't have to reflect reality, in fact, they'd prefer that it didn't reflect reality.

      Putting everything on the web is not necessarily a good idea. There are some things that would be better off handled by a real person with the proper training and expertise. Especially, some Human Resource/Risk Management issues. (Management / employee issue arbitration for example)

    • /. I think HP should be building a Global Services organization almost exactly like IBM's. A consulting organization that competes directly with IBM, D&T, PWC, EDS and Anderson. IBM has been winning this market because they are the only major player who can offer the full solution down through long term delivery, support and evolution./

      Can you tell me did PWC really save HWP $51.6 million by implementing the B2E portal referenced on their web site?

      see link:

      If so, what was the time frame for these savings, and what are the ongoing savings?


    • <<I guess I would ask people here: is there anything GOOD about CPQ you can say?>>

      You can ask Brain's little sister c/o :)


    • You make a great point about the break and fix guys helping in the sales effort. I recently sold 2 Superdomes and they were invaluable in working behind the scenes with the customer to develop consensus and point out all kinds of things to the customer. As my accounts are all over, I rarely have the kind of time to do a lot of this myself. On another account 2 hours away, HP has a program manager that routinely provides info and leads.

    • denter". U R MERGED........

    • You called it toad-like - referring I believe to the post sales support, break and fix plus the consulting delivery. I look at this group as being a highly undervalued force. Post delivery is a reason to see the customer, advise the customer, discover new initiatives and opportunities - a covert salesforce, if you will. IF third party support is eliminated and it is provided by the vendor, account control goes back to that vendor and protects the installed base while revenue is continuing on renewable basis. While this is taking place - the higher cost search for opportunities CAN be covered by effective partnering with the SI's and other partners by the original sales force plus normal sales hunting.

      It is feasible that those same post sales 'toads' can be groomed, trained, promoted into pre-sales consulting and in fact into the model of the SIs if need be. What you may see as mundane for results, I see all kinds of possibilities in for additional revenues.

    • No a PE of 574 is not good, but for HP it is also inaccurate. HP's PE is approximately 50, which isn't that great either, but it's a lot better than 574. PE is the price to earnings ratio...meaning you divide the current market price by the last twelve months of net earnings per share.

      My advice: Stop watching TV and read a book or two.

    • option..
      you have been mumbling once in a while for CF and merger. time to stop. just think about. how can someone who can't run a 40B company ok can run a 80B company? does it make sense to you? what's exactly your interest in this matter? for shareholders? then let shareholders decide. not by you!

    • <EOM>

    • respond...Dan Niles said "CPQ will outperform HWP next year"....2002... CPQ didn't need the merger...We need plan B.....CPQ has beaten IBM, supercomputers, huge contracts head to head, HWP doesn't seem to be in the big news that much...except for merger whining...

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