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  • anzerguy2001 anzerguy2001 Jan 21, 2002 2:54 AM Flag

    Doing her job?


    I don't know any HP employees that are impressed
    by what someone says just because they are a
    manager. The employees I know are smart enough
    to evaluate what is said, and are not automatically
    impressed by what any manager has to say.

    Maybe you need to get out more and mix.

    As for Mike's earlier use of epithets, you
    might have noticed they weren't DIRECTED at
    anyone. Or perhaps that doesn't matter to you,
    and you would have Professor Kennedy indicted
    for his latest book, an excerpt of which was
    read tonight on "60 Minutes". The title is an
    epithet, but so as not to upset you, I'll only
    say it starts with "N".

    If it helps you, Professor Kennedy is a rather
    handsome black academic. Let's hope he's not a
    musician and an "heir" too.

    You quoted from a book by Professor Kotter,
    Harvard Business School, about "leading change".
    If that's the best advice Harvard has to offer
    ("create a crisis by allowing a financial loss")
    as a means to raise the urgency level for change
    then we as shareholders should embrace financial
    loss - lest we stand in the way of change.

    "Realist", are you going to argue that Carly has
    created a crisis at HP by allowing financial loss,
    so as to "lead change" ?? Or are you arguing
    that the goals she set (like 15% profit) were
    set artificially high to force change - knowing
    employees couldn't make the goals no matter how
    hard they worked ??

    If Professor Kotter and his ilk are your icons,
    then I pity the people who work under you. When
    you finally pull YOUR head from the sand, you'll
    understand that blind allegiance is not much
    comfort at the end of the day.

    - Anzerguy

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