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  • fedupwithu2 fedupwithu2 Jan 25, 2002 9:36 PM Flag

    Post-merger speculation

    I'd like to speculate on what the post-merger HWPAQ activities under CF/MC will be - aside from the integration activities.

    1) significant portions of operations will be consolidated in Houston. Majority of positions eliminated will be in Silicon Valley. reason: cost of operations is about 20% less in Texas.

    2) Walter Hewlett will not be nominated to remain on the board. No H or P connection to the company. All H & P family members are persona non grata on HP property.

    3) Possible move of HWPAQ headquarters to Houston, primarily to get away from any Hewlett & Packard family influence

    4) Eventual change of Company name. CF after this is done, won't want any reminder of those ungrateful, lying idle-rich b*****ds. Dick Hackborn will be her strongest supporter in this.

    5) Combined revenue will drop 25-30% by 2006. Profits will drop to zero. Several divisions will be sold off or spun off. PC business will drain printing resources & profit. Services business will continue to struggle as IBM, EDS, etc., eat them alive.

    6) PC business will be sold/spun off in 2007. By that time, HWPAQ will be a much smaller company & no longer be on DJ30. Lexmark/Canon, etc will continue to gain market share in the printing business, while HWPAQ is still trying to complete merger integration.

    Anyone think of any other effects?

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    • I have yet to meet the personwho goes to work with the idea "I'm going to do a lousy job today"
      Some may be IN a lousy job today, but that doesn't mean that they want to perform poorly in it.
      I'm not sure that creating the feeling of impending doom is any kind of motivation at all, except to a feeling of helplessness, or worse, 'every person for themselves'.
      I'm sure that even in a 'boutique' MBA, Carli must have gotten that.

    • Answer the question: which employee should be let go?

    • No.

      I'm almost pathelogically incapable of lying, and when told a secret I'm hellbent to reveal it.

      Hence, I've not achieved a high station in life.

    • liar?

    • As you included me in the subject line, I'll respond. Although I feel I've wasted time already trying to decipher your post.

      The Carlos references I don't understand, pass.

      PASS/FAIL: no

      No problems with horse races. Although I've heard that horse races really measure how much pain a horse can tolerate.

      HP has no seniority/age/years of service metrics in its pay system. Good.

      People get better at some things with age, get worse at others with age. Different people at different things.

      Many problems with ranking. True.

      The big problem is measuring qualitative achievements.

      Person "A" is on Oracle team, does almost nothing but forward e-mails and voice mails. Team does 300% quota, performance: Excellent!

      Person "B" recruits 4 new ISV (software companies) Shows skills in programming, project management, presentations, organization. 1 ISV does well for HP, 2 fair, 1 loser. Performance: Medium.

      Is life fair: No.

      Who should HP let go Person "A" or "B"?

    • Carlos is beeg dummy. Carlos not so smart either. Maybe you can help Carlos. Why do you propose getting rid of all evaluation and use PASS/FAIL? is it because you have ahard time admitting there are drawbacks to settign up horse races? For instance, if employees were truely rewarded for performance, why wouldn't an older employees salary actually decline as his performance declined with age or do you believe that people just get better and better with age?
      There are many problems with ranking.
      Your position is indefensible!

    • Billy writes:

      "This merger has no upside. The EC shouldn't
      have to go on a six-month multi-million dollar
      marketing tour to convince everybody its a good business idea."

      I wish they would put a fraction of that money and effort into marketing HP products. There was nothing to counter that memorable "Dude, you're getting a Dell" campaign. Instead we pay to advertise a public pissing match.

    • A well-reasoned post -- you obviously are a clear-thinker. Apparently you understand perfectly that bigger is not better, but that bigger could be badder. I agree about the customer service piece -- at one time I dealt w/HP as a customer and the customer service was top-drawer. Flatly, I had not experienced any better prior to that, and none better since that time. This in my estimation was a huge competitive advantage to HP, AND, this was 90+% of the reason I took what was for me them a significant stock position w/HP -- a postion that much to my chagrin I am having to rethink very hard -- and I don't like having to do this!!!! ........

    • Dog....Mr. Deming's philosophies were a 'shallow bill of goods' from a person mired in Academia.. The Japanese? - last I looked their economy has been a mess for a decade...the Japanese? - sorry, this card has been played too many times and quite inappropriately -- the Japanese?? - don't invent, just lift and reapply -- the Japanese?

      Fine....Let's never again evaluate people.. Let's just throw everybody into a sock-pile, encourage 'whatever,whenever,however' and let the resulting chaos ensue BUT everybody will 'feel good' -- what non-sense!!

      I suppose you endorse pass/fail OR is it pass/pass??????

    • Employee benefits will be 'rationalized', i.e., taken to the lowest common denominator. If CPQ only gets 3 weeks FTO for a level of service, HP will be cut back. If HP has a higher co-pay for perscriptions, CPQ will be cut back, etc. Pay scales, expense policies, office space, everything. Remember, in the AT&T/Lucent world employees are worthless parasites best suited for extermintation.

      I think bad things will happen, and happen quickly. Once the first (or is it second or third) wave of layoffs hits, and the degree of job instability Carly will allow is realized, there will be a large exodus of talent from HP. Not just people, talent.

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      • Billy, If you are an employee, and you are a high-performer, then you needn't worry about being affected by any human-efficienct moves taken post merger. Frankly, it is best to clean-sweep organizations of lower-performing and lower-value-added people to keep people sharp and complacency-adverse. Jack Welch advocates that 5-10% of any organization should be swept off periodically to keep efficiency and performance up. Look at the federal government, state government, ANY government -- people can't be fired, can't be 'encouraged' to shape-up etc. etc. (The true to great extent in Academia,ie, Universities.) Private corporation can still engage in keeping organizations strong and efficient by purging dead or near-dead wood -- the evolvement of these sorts of people is a fact of life -- to ignore it, villify actions aimed at ridding them or whine about it is ridiculous and can only serve to set about ultimate ruination of this country's free enterprise system as we know it. I suppose we could all go on the government lamb -- but, at some point all of the caregivers,ie, hard-working private enterprise types, would dry-up.

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