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    • Hi Docweebs,

      >2) It really is outrageous that her voice mail is turned over to the media. How would any of us like it if our voice mail messages were turned over to newspapers? We would be rightfully furious.

      This is an interesting statement in the context of defining ethical codes of conduct. Defining "ethical" behavior is extremely difficult. People define it based on their experiences, background and resulting beliefs.

      My Business Ethics professor in grad school offered up a few litmus tests he used to determine if he believed a particular action he took was ethical. One of them was, if the action appeard on the front page of every newspaper the following day would he be embarrassed or ashamed of it being disclosed. If so, this does not mean it is unethical per se. But, definitely worthy of a closer look.

    • When 'investors' are going into a short position, they put downward pressure on the stock price. Once they are short they put upward pressure on the stock. They have to buy to cover the short.

    • good points docweebs. all your points including smoking gun but , yes no evidence for prosecution from a legal viewpoint but the methodology used to gain votes in my opinion is flawed and contrary to business conduct expected at hp.

      now: your other questions the BoD should have asked.

      as to the idiot who hired this person because of score on some test, the guy should have been fired long ago as the guy is unfit to staff any position. this criteria are flawed particularly for choosing ceo material. many high iq ivy league professors are unfit to manage a business and not becasue they lack iq.

      I would correct some of your statements:

      CF is despised by not only employees but many shareholders who lost heavily due to her negligence. many are not necessary individual small investors .. some big money managers despise her and dont trust her. The Matrix Advisors manager as public spoken out on CF's competence. so it is not just employees.

      Yes CF like anyone else is entitled to her privacy. However I would not perceive this particular instance of voice mail turnover would exactly fall in the category of invasion of privacy. The systems tapped into belong to HP and thus shareholders .. the phone is not a private phone or the database in which the information was stored is not CF's private . It may be company private and there may be some validity of your objection. Carly is being paid by shareholders [all shareholders not just those supporting her strategies] and thus cannot unfairly do questionable things against the interest of the shareholders she does not like.


    • perfnerd:

      excellent point and this is what I kept thinking about last night and actually lost sleep over it. I think some high profile financial type magazines [not SJ mercury as they are not specialists in finance], reputable like Wall Street Journal should put their best staff to work on this. I think there may be good clues to be uncovered here. good for the righteous and adverse for HP management.


      1. As you asked why is HP management dealing
      with and what connections do they have to

      2. Some how I got the impressions arbitraguers are not an honorable set of bunch and are the ones that manipulate stock prices using the options market somehow. These guys are not investors but quick buck generators .. or gamblers.

      3. Who are these Citadel people and what is HP management's connection to them.

      4. Court to issue subpeona's of trading activity of all the funds that participated in the merger vote both pro and against , for the past one year and especially and look for trading patterns in both cpq and hwp issues and options. Somehow I get the feeling that critical financial information has and is reaching questionable fund managers and brokerages houses from Bldg 20 for some time. There may be good clues here.

      5. I think SEC needs to get involved and start auditing the holdings and trades of all institutions big and small that participated in the recent voting process as well as any private transactions of HP board members in cpq stock as well. Board members have to disclose their activity in HWP, we know thus CF's activities and her commitment to hp. similarly It would be interesting to see see what the ownership and transactions of the board members are in cpq. In fact they should be asked to disclose their holdings in cpq as a matter of general principles as this merger involves finances of both cpq and hwp with cpq having financial advantage due to premium.

      so your point is an excellent point to start some investigation immediately as the kind of instituions that hp seems to be dealing with looks highly suspicious. yes why arbitrageurs is a sound question.


    • plan to improve HP's performance is :

      still waiting LOL. His plan is to spin off I&P, the "crown jewel" which he claims is worth $20 per share on it's own. That's it .... what will he do with the rest of the company ? This reminds me of an old story I read about Nixon when he was running for president. Said he had a plan to get the US out of Viet-Nam. When asked what it was his response was when elected he would let everyone know LOL. Wally's just another basher, mybe a little worse since he's been on the BoD for many years and if he didn't see the industry changes coming (missing the internet, no true HP designed storage product, poor biz model for Intel products etc.) before what makes him so much smarter now ?

    • > Carly's Arbs would be betting on HWP going down and CPQ going
      > up. So they would short HWP and at the same time go long on CPQ.

      Yes, obviously, that's what arbs do. But the question is - what
      connection do THESE arbs have with Carly and HWP's BoD?
      Does Citadel Group have a short position in HWP? Is HP's CEO
      consorting with and/or exchanging information with HWP shorts?

      Seems to me, that would be a VeryBadThing (tm) for ordinary HP
      shareholders - 'cause shorting activity drives stock prices DOWN!

      ...why does Carly refer to them as *OUR* arbs??


    • In a marger Arbs or arbitragers are people who bet on the ratio of the changing in response the the merger going through or not going through. If the deal is a done deal the stocks should end up at a 0.6325 ratio.

      Carly's Arbs would be betting on HWP going down and CPQ going up. So they would short HWP and at the same time go long on CPQ.

      Carly's arbs could have say 10,000 share of CPQ long and short 6,325 shares of HPQ.

    • General Jack & Stuffmanmike,

      Great minds think alike. I too wonder about the
      Citadel Group.

      I don't think arbitrageurs gave assistance to
      Carly & Co. just because they were nice guys & gals.

      So, were they trying to set up a play on the market,
      having gained inside information on how the vote
      would come out - since they were helping it to
      come out that way ??

      - Anzerguy

    • > The smoking gun is "to demand to meet with Vice Chairman" of DB.

      Probably true, but Carly's VM only mentions "the guy at Deutsche Bank"
      and "the vice chairman". So, it's not clear whether she's talking about
      one or two persons at DB, and it's not clear which DB "vice chairman."

      I've surfed around the DB web pages a little - only to confirm that DB's
      corporate org chart is VERY complex. Carly might be refering to guy(s)
      at corporate HQ in Frankfurt, or DB Alex.Brown (the US banking ops),
      or Deutsche Asset Management (basically, a group of mutual funds).

      I didn't find anyone with the formal title of "vice chairman", but
      I'm sure this person's identity is ambiguous only to us outsiders.
      It'll be quite clear to anyone with access to the subpoena materials.

      ...first, give her a fair trial - and then hang her!


    • 1) I listened to the voice mail and did not hear a "smoking gun." You might infer that she was suggesting something improper, but there really is no evidence.

      2) It really is outrageous that her voice mail is turned over to the media. How would any of us like it if our voice mail messages were turned over to newspapers? We would be rightfully furious.

      3) But no one really cares about that issue. That's because Carly is almost totally despised by HP employees. Everyone considers her a liar, greedy, selfish, condescending, and interested in no one's well being but her own.

      Shouldn't that tell the BOD something?? People are stealing her voice mail messages, fowarding them to newspapers, and no one really cares. Why? Because she is a narcissist, an egotist, and people think she has it coming.

      How can she lead a company when everyone hates her? I once heard the BOD hired her because she scored "off the charts" on some leadership test. How can you be an effective leader when no one wants to follow you?

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