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  • sue_ellen_ocean sue_ellen_ocean May 2, 2002 10:43 AM Flag

    HWP is going up, uP, UP QUICKLY

    HWP is soaring and Dell is plunging. MD must be on the phone right now frantically calling his 'pundits' to find out what is going on.

    Dell is now forced to cozy up to EMC (stinker #1) and LXK (stinker #2) in order to meet their forecasted earnings. They're on a slippery slope and the crisis is now churning around in Mike's belly like a bunch of worms in a plastic bag with a crack in the zip-lock seal.

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    • I'm not trying to pick on you Sue, but your post reminded me that Carly told us HWP should be seeing a pop of $5 or more based on merger synergies. Uh, that is $5 from the day of announcement. What was that, $23 or so? So, until we climb quickly past $28, I will refrain from saying HWP is "soaring."


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      • Don't try to spoil the party for those of us who are fortunate enough to be riding HPQ in the green. My heart goes out to those loyal shareholders who have ridden it down to its current level, but many of them brought their losses upon themselves. When Carly, out of maternal concern for those devoted to her vision, assured you and the others that the acquisition of CPQ would bring value to your investments, she had no way of knowing the severity of the maelstrom that Walter Hewlett and his wretched band of hellish flunkies would drag her and the company into. Given how everything has unfolded, I wouldn't hold her to her word.

        P.S. I think we'll see $25 a share by the end of the year.

      • HWP and CPQ still don't add to APPL. Seen the new iMac commercials.

        Two bad HWP or CPQ didn't think of that.

        AAPL is within $2 of DELL, already $7 higher than the combined losers of HWP+CPQ and will be at least $12-$15 higher than HPQ by the end of May.

        AAPL RULES

        HWP+CPQ=2 LOSERS AND.....


    • Sue... You are right on here the part is over for Dell and EMC. Too little too late. They are little guys now.

    • Prior to the merger there were two PC makers who produced and sold more than 10M units a year. They were DELL and CPQ. After the merger there are still two companies that make more than 10M units a year. They are DELL and HWP.

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