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  • alphonzaderozo alphonzaderozo May 2, 2002 10:42 PM Flag

    HWP is going up, uP, UP QUICKLY

    I'm not trying to pick on you Sue, but your post reminded me that Carly told us HWP should be seeing a pop of $5 or more based on merger synergies. Uh, that is $5 from the day of announcement. What was that, $23 or so? So, until we climb quickly past $28, I will refrain from saying HWP is "soaring."


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    • Don't try to spoil the party for those of us who are fortunate enough to be riding HPQ in the green. My heart goes out to those loyal shareholders who have ridden it down to its current level, but many of them brought their losses upon themselves. When Carly, out of maternal concern for those devoted to her vision, assured you and the others that the acquisition of CPQ would bring value to your investments, she had no way of knowing the severity of the maelstrom that Walter Hewlett and his wretched band of hellish flunkies would drag her and the company into. Given how everything has unfolded, I wouldn't hold her to her word.

      P.S. I think we'll see $25 a share by the end of the year.

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      • <<Don't try to spoil the party for those of us who are fortunate enough to be riding HPQ in the green>>

        You could not POSSIBLY be "in the green" on HWP unless you bought all of your shares during the week following 9/11. Except for that brief period of catastrophe HWP is now at an all-time low.

        You MIGHT theoretically be in the green on CPQ but only because HWP was stupid enough to pay an inflated price for it. But you'd better see if even that tiny theoretical gain holds up through the end of next week.

        Now quit hallucinating and get back to work you little scamp.

      • You are already apologizing for Carly and blaming Walter at the same time.

        You are shameless.

        You even blame the shareholder for holding shares at this time. Poor saps for buying HP stock, it must be their fault, so you say.

        Then there is tpf and rudedog trying to show how the poor performance of Agilent is somehow entirely market related and so we should also blame the market for HP's dismal performance under Carly.

        You people are amusing. Full of shite, but amusing.

        Neither you, nor anyone else can predict what the stock price will be, but $25 sounds pretty conservative for a Carly-cheerleader such as yourself. Why don't you take a risk and tell us what your really think, Sue?

      • When you say: "When Carly, out of maternal concern for those devoted to her vision, assured you and the others that the acquisition of CPQ would bring value to your investments"..... just what vision are you talking about?

        Was it the vision she had for Lucent?

        Was it the vision she had for DEC?

        Did she happen to bring Apria Healthcare or
        Bay Networks into the discussion?

        Did she mention something about becomming
        dominant in commodity products?

        Did she spend .01 seconds discussing the list of successes that she has effected for HP so far in her tenure?

        I know it's early yet,Sue Ellen, but if Walter is such a flunkie, why is history on his side and why is it that no high-tech company in history has ever successfully executed what Fiorina is now trying to do?

        Dave Packard was right long ago when he took John Young to the woodshed for trying to chase market share at the expense of innovation and margins. Yes, market share was in vogue then but yes, Dave was right and his actions fostered decades of success.

        Fiorina is making Young's actions look conservative. She is doing what countless failed companies before her have done. Do you have even the slightest notion why, when Agilent Technologies is losing serious money, that their stock price stays 50% higher than HP's stock price? Do you have ANY IDEA why Ned Barnholt's executive decisions make Fiorina's look comparatively like the combined intelligence of Larry, Moe & Curley Joe?

        For those of us that know better, Fiorina's "assurance", as you say, was as hollow as a beach ball because we've studied her and have SEEN what she passes off as a "vision"... as long as she personally benefits from it... to HELL with those of us who work diligently for the long-term success of this company.

        It's time to learn and understand, Sue Ellen.
        It's time to join in the process of making HP successful and it begins with working diligently toward the resignation of Carelton Fiorina.


      • Sue Ellen Ocean's affliction?

      • You bet we'll see $25 by end of year.

        Because CF will declare a 10 for 1 reverse split!

        Now get to work you little scamp. The time for making propaganda is over.

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    • HWP and CPQ still don't add to APPL. Seen the new iMac commercials.

      Two bad HWP or CPQ didn't think of that.

      AAPL is within $2 of DELL, already $7 higher than the combined losers of HWP+CPQ and will be at least $12-$15 higher than HPQ by the end of May.


      HWP+CPQ=2 LOSERS AND.....


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