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  • budmen13 budmen13 May 2, 2002 10:30 AM Flag

    HWP is going up, uP, UP QUICKLY

    Hope to see them at $30 at the end of April or
    early May.

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    • long enthuses:

      "Compaq's hot-swappable memory, however, is a product of some custom design work with Broadcom Corp.'s ServerWorks unit, which developed support for the technology inside its Grand Champion-HE chipset."


      1) *Everybody* is using this chipset except IBM, which rolled its own (and won the time-to-market race.)

      2) When was the last time you had to change out a DIMM? Drives are full of mechanical things that could break; DIMMs aren't.

    • You have a thick head, don't you?

      I'll move, change and produce at my own pace, but thanks anyway.

    • So your response when someone points out what you are doing to spout profanity, and after such a short time. Are you simply embarrased for being exposed?

      It's time your con-tibutions are put in perspective. Thanks for making my point.

      Time to move on to more productive thinking.

    • I've just got my new position for the summer and am raring to get started. I think we will be having overflow attendence. I have the nature bird walk twice a day. I'll be working as many hours as possible to make up for the missing income from the stock market gains I have been used to in the past.

      For the sake of us old types who are now in second careers, I encourage you who still have to energy to move the boundaries of progress foreward I encourage you to keep up the good work and consider that there are those who build and there are those to tear down and many of us who have help by building in the past and now dependent in many ways on those of you who nave taken over. Disregard the naysayers and recieve in your inner being the reward of your labors. And know you are helping out old coots like me.


    • <I and others like me built up through our accomplishments.>

      Right pety er chica er joe. Man you use a lot of names.

      Relax dude. Let those Chipendales give you a lapdance. You need it pal.


    • YOu are just another toadstool fantasizing about being a Morrell stuck in the moist moss of a remote region.

      you are wrong again and probably TPF the prime fool.

      F/O imposter, you're now on ignore. One should never attempt menaingful communication with toadstools. = we learned that in the 60's.

    • It's called poor literacy in my book. But then, I do write my own book I guess.

    • Yawn.

      That's it?

    • This is a sentence? = you wrote.

      "It's about moving off the comfort of continual complaining about the difference between how others behave compared to what my image of how things should be."

      Let me guess, you are in corporate communications, a genX PR-pro?

      Incompetence in the new HP is not limited to CF Carlyban and the Board and the executive suite.

      good luck, you'll need it. When you fail as a company and people are comparing the performance of HPQ of today to the HWP of yesterday, make sure and place the blame on the "old guys" its clearly their fault since they set the performance bar way too high resulting in an unfair comparison for you newbies.

      You, and others like you were originally attracted to HWP because of its reputation, which is something that I and others like me built up through our accomplishments.


    • No one gives a shit why you're here. No one is asking you to go over any ground. You friggin hypocrite. Go F!%%K yourself.

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