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  • rz400 rz400 Jan 4, 2003 10:31 PM Flag

    Another thing Fiorina doesn't know,

    When I bought my first PC in 1999 I had hopes of using all those expensive tools I paid for; especially the finance stuff. But as soon as I hooked up to the internet I realized there was no way I was going to put on any real name, address, credit card numbers, banking, or any other personal stuff into this useless tool. I had been rooked into buying my first PC with lies and deceptions. I defragged everything except e-mail, browser, typewriter, printer and scanner. Let's face it. Carly can't INVENT.

    Like me, everybody who bought a second computer this past year, wanted to have the promise of the tools that a PC can provide. We're not afraid now, because our new PCs will never be hooked up to the internet. But after going thru the hassles of XP we're leary.

    If I buy that Turbo-Tax program will it hassle me like XP did to connect to the internet everytime I load an old program, and threaten me that it won't go any further if I didn't. I don't need that tax-prep software anyway. I have a feeling it'll just give me a hard-time until I connect to the internet anyway. Stupid software. Yes we were stupid to buy all that other software when we got this new computer. Twice burnt 10X shy.

    " New Internet Computer" won't sell me an internet computer because I'm not an institution or school. NICs don't have a hard-drive. They are unable to catch a virus. N.I.C. is owned by that big-shot computer maker. What a cruel joke. Every morning I get an e-mail from
    It persistantly tries to reconnect back to the internet while I race to delete it from the e-mail and delete the DELETED folder. Of course I have to delete the TEMPORARY internet folder also. And just to make sure, the HISTORY folder. Everyday! In the morning before before going to work while everyone is asleep. So they don't get hassled during the day. It's the price of having a PC connected to the internet. No cookies means that it takes longer to get where we go to everyday. The internet sucks. Since we got the new PC we surf less and less each week.

    The new computer was great. For a while. I've degragged off all the internet stuff, drivers, etc. Norton anti-virus won't come off. I've cut off its legs, arms body but the brain still refuses to come off. Stupid HP in their convoluted way of thinking has let microsoft have its own 5 gigs of space on my hard-drive. What stupid idiot thought of that. I have to get rid of that D-Drive partition so it won't keep reloading that crap back onto my C-Drive. ( and I'll get back 5 gigs of space )

    I'm getting tired of all this. To me life should be simple. Just like being connected to the internet with this old PC. When I suspect I have a bug, I just put in the restore disc and wipe everything out. Then I defrag everything that doesn't relate to e-mail or browser. I'm not going to be fooled into buying antivirus software.

    As PTBarnum said - " Make it big on your first score, because it's all downhill after that"
    That's why you can buy a printer for cheap. That's why Dell wants to sell Lexmark. That's why McD will continue to sell fatburgers until all their customers are no more. The new age belongs to the innovater. Perhaps if they had more knowledge they would have understanding. And more understanding would lead to wisdom. And more wisdom would lead to more compassion. HEY! What am I talking about. Business is a dog-eat-dog world. The battle is being fought by multi-billion dollar companies against their arch-rivals; The consumer. I'm tired of losing. I quit.

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    • MAN do you ever need help! TurboTax is s great tool, and I don't have a clue as to what the rest of your babble was all about. Besides, what the hell does Carly have to do with any otf this? She didn't force you to buy anything? Go talk to a shrink and take some pills to "calm" your sorry ass down a few clicks.

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      • I think at least part of his problem is similar to one that I have: the fact that software wants to call home on their schedule, not mine. I've got a dial-up connect to my ISP (that's all that's available here). I pay by the minute for connection time, so I dial up a few times a day to get email then disconnect. (With a teenage daughter, I no longer get top priority with our phone line, either!)

        I need much better control over who is trying connect over the internet and when they connect. This just doesn't seem to be available with WinXP. Maybe there is some 3rd party software that would allow me to tell the software to wait until I say to connect, but I haven't found it yet.

    • You should get some professional help.

    • I agree with you but it isn't Fiorina's fault; this is a software issue.

    • I'm still trying to figure out what the heck your talking about. Yes, for the typical person (one who can't understand what they read or won't research) a computer is quite a ominous tool. For instance I would never use a PC as loaded from the factory. Get XP PRO and do a fresh load. It's really not a bad OS if you go about configuring it intelligently!
      Always have a second computer for your personal stuff and don't connect it to the internet. The bottom line is if your going to use a PC learn a little about it and you'll save yourself a lot of grief.


      P.S. And if you really want to drive yourself crazy take Billy's advice and load Linux. It has similar problems with device drivers except worse! Oh and you'll be faced with upgrades several times a year instead of every couple!!!

    • You've finally arrived: its time for Linux.

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