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  • tsoanelang tsoanelang Jun 4, 2003 4:25 PM Flag

    New poll says NO ONE likes the U.S.


    "A favorable view of the United States was held by majorities in only seven nations surveyed -- Israel, Britain, Kuwait, Canada, Nigeria, Australia and Italy. Even in most of those nations, support for the United States has slipped."

    ...and Nigeria is on the short list of countries the State Department STRONGLY advises against visiting.

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    • I can confirm that attitudes within the UK, though still VERY pro-USA are solidifying into much more anti-President Bush.
      (It's actually a good thing.... Bush's goofs would be TWICE as serious if they disaffected the establ;ished and historic warmth of British feeling to America itself. Yet Americans keep turning a blind eye to that potential. We see few solid expressions of anti-Bush sentiment from within the USA. So with time, the feeling grows that Americans LIKE him, his style, and what he's doing. Or worse, they don't like it, but are COMPLACENT about the impact of his actions and speeches.)

      He simply isn't trusted here generally, nor is his "style" liked.

      Maybe Blair (Rep. Texas East) should be taken and elected the US President?
      If you think Bush has PR problems, scour the British press and see the sorts of troubles that Blair is heading into! And our Parliamentary process PROVIDES ways of slapping his wrists, or even throwing him BETWEEN Elections.

      The latest from his spin-doctors is that HE is the victim of propagandised Intelligence reports.
      [Here, although funded by Parliament, the Intelligence Agencies are STRICTLY apolitical. Their job is to seek and interpret risks to our National Security. The Government's job is to read the reports and act, if they feel so inclined.
      But on a National Security basis, not a political one.]
      If we had a single opposition leader of merit (but we don't right now) the teeth would be really bared for the kill.
      It's about 2 years here to the next General Election. Blair seems to believe that not only will the mistrust and grumblings of the Electorate go away, but that he'll even strengthen his image and secure his much-wanted "place" in British history.......
      Not if all those high-up party members (including Ministers), who resigned on the grounds of government illegality, have their say.
      And they will.
      Makes for good controversy in the Press.

      If nothing else, Bush has ONE big success to his name:
      His buffoonery in Foreign Affairs has kept noses firmly OUT of the US Economy!
      Today, unemployment rises yet again. Just as Wall Street was beginning to think no-one would notice......
      Who in their right MIND believes that Global economies are turning around yet?
      What evidence of that?
      Take away currency gains to US Corporations (from the weakening Dollar - a one-shot windfall) and decline is still there. Undeminished.
      And still obvious for those who trouble to look for it.... The Emperor has no clothes!

      But the Emperor's subjects choose to look the other way.
      The truth is too nasty to face, just yet.
      Maybe someone will wave a magic wand, and the deficits, losses and debt will mysteriously disappear?
      Only in Fairyland, I'm afraid.........


    • If it bothers you so much, then I have two helpful suggestions:

      1. Make an extra trip to your therapist every week.

      2. Ask him/her to double your dose.

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      • If the US becomes a hated country, sales will drop in those countries. This can't be good for American viewed companies like HP.

        J's potato chips was Jap's potato chips until Pearl Harbor! Then, no one would buy them because they seemed to support the enemy! The name was quickly changed.

        I'm not terribly proud that surveys show us being less and less liked for business nor personal reasons.


    • Who cares what they think? Do you run around caring what everyone thinks about you, or do you just do what YOU think is right and not worry about it?

    • Just to make it clear:

      No one supports the behaviour of the US goverment!

      But we know there are a many people that think similar in the US.

      So we know the difference!
      (from europe with love)

    • I found Osama bin Laden he's on this message board under the name tsoanelang.
      Burn any flags lately,wish you would try it in my neck of the woods sometime,and while your at it how about taking down my C.S.A battle flag.

    • three words: Marshall plan baby

      (I know exactly, but I'll say ...I'm not sure how that translates in French or German)


    • And if I wanted to hear from an a**hole like you I would have farted!

    • ++You wrote.."We're a nation of pit-bulls."....and you're a poodle...woof woof...:) ++

      And you, a wienie dog :)

    • ++Thanks for the sermon, and you can take it and stick it up you a**!! ++

      Hey! Who ordered moron, with extra stupid sauce??

    • You're right. I am not comparing apples with apples. I am comparing people with people. When people aren't getting their way, they normally despise the ones who aren't giving them their way. When people are told, "No" they naturally get mad. It is human nature, no matter from which country. Terrorists have been told "No", the French didn't get their way. Neither did the Germans or the Russians, but they are getting over their temper tantrums...Just comparing people to people. Oh, and by the way, I remember in my statistics and test writing classes, that the rule of thumb was, if the words 'all', 'never', 'every' and other words of exaggeration are used in a question, the statement is false. ALL of the people in the world don't hate America, just the noisy ones. Good night

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