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  • trattles trattles Jul 19, 2003 8:58 AM Flag

    Every 6th grader in Michigan

    to receive a laptop computer.

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    • <<(golf courses are a waste of perfectly good garden space!)>>

      YES!!! I think the Brits have a cure for that...if you watched any of the British Open you probably noticed the hay or alfalfa they're growing on their courses!!! :)

      Personally, I would plant corn, potatos, watermelons, and maybe some dewberry's on my golf course...and woe the golfer that yanks one into the corn patch...or watch the hackers trying to root out of the potato patch...or imagine the fools trying to blast out of the watermelon field. Those that find their way to the dewberry patch will surely take a DROP!!! :)

      I've go some beautiful Plumeria's that aren't getting enough sun for blooming!!! :(


    • Well, I must admit they are beautiful in the winter<g>.

      G. Worm

    • plus, you know how hard it is to keep those things green?!! :)

    • I too have an agreement with my wife. I won't talk about her unemployment since she quit her job, she won't talk about how little I make for hp.

    • Don't knock golf courses!
      They are good for the economy, they employ many people :-)
      And they keep the unemployed busy while try to earn money with wagers <g>


    • LOL Worm. You may not know the title of the best book I've ever read about the game of golf: "A Good Walk Spoiled"

    • Garden is doing just fine - rain yesterday made it easier to yank out 4 bushes I've always wanted to get rid of.

      Tomatoes are slow goers though - too cloudy and rainy lately....

      Hubby and i have an understanding - I won't complain about what he spends on golfing if he doesn't complain about what I spend on gardening! (golf courses are a waste of perfectly good garden space!)

      Oh -OH - that's even more controversial than the HP merger with CPQ!!!

      G. Worm

    • That's right. You get the education you pay for - paying in both time and money.

      How's you garden doing? I found that when I took early retirement last year that I had less time for the garden that I had before I left. This year is great for the garden so far here, although its been a little wetter than normal.

    • Spot on, VT, for your assessment of schools.

      The number one thing any parent can do for their children right now is to get involved in the schools, get to know the teachers on an individual basis, be supportive and vocal.

      G. Worm

    • > They performed these duties 30 & 40 years ago, and did a
      > much better job? What has changed?

      A lot of things have changed over the past 30-40 years:

      - In most families now both parents work. Some need to work 2 or 3 jobs to pay the bills. For most kids now there is no one at home to see that they are doing their homework. 30-40 years ago one parent was at home to watch and help their kids.

      - Kids with severe mental or physical disabilities are now mainlined and put in regular classes in public schools. 30-40 years ago disabled kids were hidden away in special homes and hospitals. Although this is probably a good thing, it may not help the test averages.

      - (Dangerous synthesized) drugs have moved into high schools and middle schools. 30-40 years ago most drugs (generally not so dangerous marijuana) were used by 20 year old hippys.

      - Many people don't understand what is going on in schools today. They expect teachers to also be babysitters and to teach morality and religion and other things that used to be learned at home this in addition to the 3 Rs that used to be their only job. They expect schools to do more, but they have been cutting funding for schools when schools can't do the additional duties.

      - Because of reduced funding, classes are generally bigger now than they were 30-40 years ago, so teachers have many more kids to teach. 40 years ago, I had one teacher and 12 students in my class. My kids now have 6-7 teachers with 30 or more kids in each class.

      So, yes, many things have changed in the past 30-40 years.

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