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  • bozwell_the_dog bozwell_the_dog Sep 5, 2003 7:28 PM Flag

    something is up with demand

    HP confirms one month into the quarter...IDC raising estimates...some other clown talking about how the white boxs are taking the lions share of the newfound demand and therefore they are reluctant to revise major PC makers EPS

    an article about HP being #1 in a shrinking market....does anybody believe storage will not be required at some point?
    what new technology is going to replace it?

    something is up

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    • Government help? They're a major part of the problem. Everytime someone wants to start up a new business they get buried in paperwork and fees and long waits for approval to start their business. From what I've heard, a lot of them give up because of the frustration. Of course when they give up, no new jobs are created. Hoe

    • "The emphasizes on mediocre innovation, fit & form rather than break throughs, saddens old timers."

      I can understand that - though I'm sure the stockholders would prefer the opportunity for increased revenues, if indeed, that is what mediocrity brings. There are many more innovations cooking in the lab, though - more like what you have in mind, of that I am confident.

      G. Worm

    • Has it been over a year ago when HP announced breakthrough in nanaotech, something like monoatomic transistor before peer review.

      Within hours, a Harvard professor and an IBM team reported all over the media that HP's claim were dated experiments.

      Of course Carl and the New HPL has some innovation. But it sickens me when Carl declared to have filed more than 500 patents (I may be mistaken here, but several hundreds) on the low coat $49.95 color inkjet printer. The emphasizes on mediocre innovation, fit & form rather than break throughs, saddens old timers.

    • You might want to do this. Go to, select your country. In the search field, type in HP Labs. Youll be surprised at how many R&D initiatives are going on. While there is no guaranty of results, it is pretty impressive. (for the unitiated, if you see Quantum Mechanics/Research, that's where the nanotechnology stuff is).

      G. Worm

    • > It is a serious situation - it should be stopped, I think.

      Yes, it is a very serious situation. It needs our attention now. We might be able to slow the shift of some jobs overseas, but we will not be able to stop it any more than we can stop the Mississippi flowing through Louisiana.

      We need to deveop new jobs that no one else has though of yet. We have been good at that in the past. We should be able to do it again, especially if there is some encouragment from Washington. Sadly, I haven't seen much attention - or help - from Washington yet. In fact, some things like support for research and small businesses have been cut when they most need to be increased.

    • << I agree. Like it or not we must let much of << the manufacturing and simple services go
      << overseas where it can be dome more
      << cheaply.

      Is more then manufacturing going outside the country. 4 example many R&D and IT jobs go to India. It is a serious situation - it should be stopped, I think.

    • > an article about HP being #1 in a shrinking market.

      The economy is certainly still difficult to predict. What is up?

      - The financial economy is reported to be growing, although maybe slowly. A little more money may allow some to buy or upgrade equipment. Maybe the shrinking market will soon bottom out and begin to grow.

      - The employment part of the economy is still shrinking. Employment is usually thought to be a following indicator. Is that the case this time? Or is something much different happening this time?

      - Old computers and other equipment bought in 1999 for Y2K are reaching the end of their usable lives. They'll need to be replaced soon.

      - There are lots of high-tech unemployed. How many of them are starting their own companies to provide new products and services? There were a lot of new companies created in previous downturns. I have heard little or no news about new companies this time. I don't know what is happening now, but if there are new companies forming, they will need new equipment, too.

      - New technology is now available at reduced prices: storage, cameras, video, HDTV, networking, wireless stuff, etc. Digital cameras just recently outsold film cameras. HDTVs are becoming more visable - and more usable. Wireless conections are easier to set up and more widely available. Companies that hope to grow and the 90% of people who are employed will want to buy some of this stuff.

      There is certainly a good potential for HPQ to sell products. If the products are competitive and the sales folks are on their toes, it should be possible to sell a lot. If they do the job right, it might even be possible to increase market share. I'm sure that some investors are betting now that this will happen.

      I'm not sure what wil happen. I never forecast an upturn until 2 or 3 years after it has happened. But increasing demands are usually a good sign in a bad economy.

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