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  • duble_dipa duble_dipa Sep 9, 2003 9:58 AM Flag

    Cognitive Dissonance

    is a theory that says when people are faced with data that contradicts their most deeply held beliefs, they make up explanations to harmonize the data rather than accept that some part of it isn't true. The classic CD experiment involved a study of a group of religious fanatics who were convinced that the world was going to end at a certain moment. They went up to the mountain where the end was supposed to come and prayed, When the world didn't end, instead of reaching the obvious conclusion that they had been wrong about it, to a one they believed that their prayers had persuaded God to change his plans.

    When we look at the public's reaction to the Iraq invasion, we see the same tendency at work. Bush premised the invasion on the existnce of large stocks of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. When none of the weapons were found, a majority of the public responded by believing Saddam must have destroyed then because of the American threat. Similarly, there was no meaningful relationship between Saddam and Al Quaeda before the war, but people have now convinced themselves that Saddam must have been directly involved in the 9/11 attacks or we would not have invaded Iraq. Etc.

    The public's desire to justify Bush's actions is the most powerful thing he has going for him. It is also the most difficult barrier for the Democrats to overcome, because it means unsettling people by attacking a comforting delusion. Like the hashish addict who likes the peaceful, calm world the drug induces in him, the public likes to believe that all these things are related and done for a reason and actually are producing gains in the so-called "war against terror". But the public is mistaken; what you read in the papers and view on Fox News is the Matrix, not the real world.

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    • Dollar dropping.

      The dollar had dropped consistently from the January 2002 through May 2003.

      The long fall was due to the Euro being undervalued, the weak U.S. economy, the lowering of interest rates, and concerns about the Federal and trade deficits.

      In June, the dollar reversed its downtrend and started a 3-month period of rising against the Euro. The world said, �Ok, we didn�t want your war but war over, now let�s get back to business.�

      But it looks that since Bush announced he needs to flush another $87 billion of freshly printed dollars down the Iraq hole, the world is now saying �Enough is enough. Thank you but we don�t want your stinking dollars.�

      Isn�t it ironic that our business man/investor�s friend president is hurting those people as well?

      I was a Republican for 23 years because I was (and still am) a capitalist. I left the party for several reasons, none of them related to its business friendly policies.

      Now even this, Bush is destroying. Is this president a train wreck or what?

    • Bush had no other choice than to invade?

      The invasion is Saddam's problem?

      What do they have in the Texas water that causes such massive brain damage? Dig deep and come up with that $87 billion, amarillo, because that's just a down payment on what it costs to see Action Figure George Junior strut across a flight deck in his pilot suit.

      I think we have a $$$ BIG $$$ problem in Iraq. You won't have to worry about wasting your tax dollars on poor American inner city children; you will be spending them on poor Iraqi inner city children.

    • Not at all.

      Having searched for the WMD for 4 1/2 months(excluding the UN inspections) at all the locations that the Bushies identified before the war, the odds are that Iraq did not have WMD six months ago. The only evidence that Iraq had WMD is 10 years old.

      As for Saddam and Osama, there is the matter of audio and video tapes of both that have been positively identified as being Saddam and Osama and made in recent weeks and months. So we know that both are still alive and on the loose.

    • Based on the records that are now being discovered it appears that Saddam Hussein's regime was so disorganized in its accounting that probably Saddam himself did not know whether or not WMD's existed. Apparently the WMD weapons program directors lied about the quantity of their WMD production and inventories to impress Saddam. Perhaps they were embarrased at not being able to produce bioeapons and nukes and lied to Saddam Hussein about their failure to do so.

      One thing is clear though, and that is that Saddam Hussein could have solved the problem and avoided war just by opening up Iraq to unfettered inspection by the UN. The fact that he placed so many restrictions on the inspectors convinced Bush that he was hiding WMD. Bush had no other choice than to invade the country and conduct the inspections unilaterally. Whether or not WMDs actually existing is Saddam Hussein's problem not Bush's.

    • Why? It uses your sound logic,
      "If not found, it never existed"

      What's the matter, hate having your twisted mind used against you?

    • Your retort about Saddam and Osama makes about as much sense as Bush's claims about WMD.

    • Ok, you win, your logic sound and obviously well thought out.

      Therefore, we can conclude that Saddam never existed, we've been searching for him for 5 months and can't find him. Bush dreamed him up too.

    • Having proclaimed for months before they started the war that they knew where Saddam was hiding his WMD, the Bushies have come up empty handed. But you keep making excuses.

      The first clue that the WMD rationale was bogus was when Bush refused to share any intelligence info with the UN when the inspectors were in Iraq. If he really wanted to avoid war, he would have shared at least some of the info. He refused. The UN spent 3 months looking and found nothing, and Bush & Co have spent another 4 1/2 months looking in all of these definitive locations and found nothing.

      As DD said, the simplest explanations are usually the most accurate. With no WMD having been found, your convoluted expanations for this failure defy logic.

    • And that spin is just your way of applying brain salve to make you feel better about not agreeing with Bush.

      "ANYTHING" could have happened to the "supposed" WMD's...not finding them between the start of the war and now does not mean they didn't/don't exist.

      Likewise, what is the "real world", who's TV spin-news is the truth? ABC/CNN/Fox are just different versions of the same story. Unless you are "there" when it happens and can keep an unbiased view when you write the "truth", it's just another view of the same story.

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      • As Hans Blix said on CNN last night, the odds are that there are no WMD in Iraq. Having had a dedicated army brigade looking for WMD in all of the locations that Bush & Co identified before the war as being hiding places for the massive stockpiles of WMD, they have found nothing.

        Since the drumbeat for war started, and as things have unravelled, Bush & Co have changed their rationale for starting the war at least 3-4 times. In turn, each excuse has been proven bogus and a new one has been trotted out. The American people do not want to believe that POTUS lied or deceived them about something so important. That is completely understandable. However, as Congress debates Bush's request for $87 billion in funds for 04, these subject are going to get a lot more critical attention. By next spring, when Bush's 04 opponent is identified, Bush is not going to be able to control the debate or dominate the media coverage as he is able to do today.

        In 00, Bush was able to attack as an outsider. In 04, he will be the incumbent that has to defend a controversial record on a host of topics. It will be interesting to see how his approval ratings hold up as he plays defense.

    • Heh, DD, would you please rewrite that. Replace the public's reaction to the war on terror with Just_Z's reaction to all the money he has lost being a long term cpq owner. Thank you for your help in this matter. PK.

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