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  • vt_investor vt_investor Sep 13, 2003 3:07 PM Flag

    Welcome to the politics board.

    > survival means that the ceo has to balance the good of the
    > shareholders, employees, community and self ... success is in the doing

    I agreee that a balance is needed, but not an equal balance. In your list above, you have placed "self" last, which is also where I think it should be. Unfortunately, Carly seems to have demonstrated that she thinks that "self" should come first. This may or may not be what she believes, but it is the impression that many have developed after watching her actions.

    You have also left out what I consider the most important item for the list: the company.

    Here is my prioritized list of these items:

    1. The company: If the company wins, everyone else does, too. If the company doesn't succeed, no one else will either.
    2. The stockholders and the employees: they need to profit and feel thet they are contributing to an important enterprise.
    3. The community: Do no harm to the surrounding community and help where and if you can.
    4. Yourself, the executive: If you put yourself at the end of the list and satisfy all the above, you, too, will win big.

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