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  • ooooh_behave_baby ooooh_behave_baby Sep 25, 2003 10:14 PM Flag

    Uncle Fulbert

    What's your motive for constantly attacking CF both
    personally and professionally?

    The reason I ask is that you appear obsessed with her.

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    • Absolutely; those backward-looking HP'ers will be replaced with CPQ forward-looking, hard-working dedicated Texas employees who love me for my Great Leadership and preference for Texas, where I was born, not these flaky Californians who hold fast to outmoded ideas and want to substitute egalitarian behavior for productivity.

      Lay off those Californians & keep the Texans!

    • "layoffs - unfortunately they happen
      new jet - whose to judge?"

      The answer to the above and 99% of your questions:

      The shareholders

    • ztruth drools....'seems to me ur the one hiding behind some poopy screen name??? '

      zpoop is my name...isnt ztruth urs? you hiding bastard! lol

    • > Nothing I've read so far suggests HP's ethics
      > are either immoral or any different than the
      > ethics of any large multinational
      > corporation.

      Ouch! HP really has let its ethics slip then. Instead of "uncompromising integrity" its "we're no worse than anyone else"?

    • > layoffs - unfortunately they happen

      More often than not because of a poorly run company. HP went for over 50 years doing their best to avoid layoffs. In situations where another company might layoff, HP used different approaches to reorganize their work force, keeping the experience and expertise the company had invested in. The shocking, first Work Force Reduction came after a severe and nearly unprecedented hiring binge that former HP management style would have controled.
      Previously at HP, layoffs were 'exceptional', at HPQ layoffs are part of doing business. Morale and loyalty suffer.

      > new jet - whose to judge?

      The shareholders. But consider what corporate aviation was like at HP before Ms. Fiorina. The corporate jets were used to fly personnel from one site to another as needed, helping HP make a profit while providing a schedule of flights that helped the company. HPQ's corporate flights are just moving executives about.

      > constant insider selling - it's their business

      As long as it isn't illegal, perhaps it is. But it does show a certain lack of belief in the potential of the company.

      > body guards - who cares?

      Perhaps CEO's need more personal protection these days. On the other hand, a body guard while on the grounds looks like you don't trust the employees and/or that you're just a tad paranoid.

      > job exports to India - many corporations are doing it because of lower wages

      If "profit" were the only goal the company had, then acting like other companies might be a good idea. But HP use to have more than one objective. Oh, and just because other corporations do something doesn't mean that what they're doing is right.

      > shady extraordinay deals with Deutchbank - if true, it's creative deal making

      This from a company that has a Standard of Business Conduct that uses the phrase "we do our job with uncompromising integrity"?

    • 1. It was well documented in the press that HP's competition (IBM & DELL)
      were going to have a field day while HP integrated Compaq, prior to the
      completion of the merger.

      2. Is it your opinion, or do you have inside information you can share with
      this board, on whether or not HP will make the 2nd quarter estimates?

    • 1) in case you haven't noticed
      HP's competiton ( IBM, DELL )is kicking
      HPQ's ______ & "during a tough worldwide economic environment." --- After a front cover, self serving, article in People (oh sorry)Forbes, announcing the success of the merger,
      "we can do this for your company too!!!"
      you're willing to post that?!?

      How 'bout a hint - - - HPQ must report
      on a six month window ending this quarter -
      and they ain't making it- - -
      Even CPQ execs are tired of the results or else edicts, and are leaving --- no great loss --- but this is part of the overall ruinization of a once great company, Hewlett Packard - - - LL

    • Again I say, your comments lack relevance.

    • Da_Doc?




    • >> May be that was what describes the ethics in HP these days.

      Nothing I've read so far suggests HP's ethics are either immoral or any different
      than the ethics of any large multinational corporation. As a shareholder, I do
      appreciate HP's ability to effectively execute its business plan while successfully
      integrating the merger with Compaq during a tough worldwide economic environment.

      Any increase in IT spending should leverage the benefits of the Compaq merger.

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