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  • pantherdontnoshidt pantherdontnoshidt Jan 7, 2004 12:50 AM Flag

    Would they arrest Howard Dean?

    Oh. I see. stillcenter believes that the American lumpen proliteriet is simply too "ignorant [and].. gullible" to be able to play the game. That is typical for the dopeylefties. It's not that most Americans have parsed out the subtleies of the lefty message and rejected it, it's that most Americans are just too, well, stupid, to be able to get a grip on the complex, sophisticated and nuanced lefty positions.

    It's that kind of elitist, condescending viewpoint that has cost the lefties the presidency, house, senate and governerships. Of course, stillcenter is just to dopey to be able to "understand" that.

    stillcenter could't be dopier if he made it his mission in life.

    I'll try to simplify for stillcenter and his dopeylefties buddies.

    After the market crashed in March 2000, Bush faced an econmic situation which could easily have turned into a deflationary spiral which could have lead to a depresssion similar to 1929.

    But Bush's fiscal policy - increasing spending and cutting taxes - in conjunction with an aggressive monetary policy by the Fed dodged the deflationary bullet.

    Bush in 2002 did just the opposite of what Hoover and the Fed did in 1929. In 1929, Hoover cut spending and increased taxes and the Fed severely tightened the money supply. Those fiscal and monetary policies, along with Smoot-Hawley Act, is what lead to the depression in the 1930s.

    stillcenter must have missed the class or he would be familiar with this thesis.

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