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  • seymour_buxx seymour_buxx Feb 25, 2004 5:58 PM Flag

    Greenspan is Right on SS

    So how many people know that public workers don't pay into the SS system? How many people know that a public worker can retire from a government job, get their government pension, work in the private sector for only 10 quarters, and draw SS benefits?? These are the "double-dippers" which it looks like we have on this board.

    Most of this is never publicized, and few people know about it. Congressmen don't pay into SS so they have no incentive to fix it.

    The public workers (state, county & local workers, teachers, school administrators, etc.) are ripping the rest of us off. We've contributed to the SS system all out lives, and to keep it afloat they keep raising the retirement age and we'll never see the benefits. Part of that is because the public workers are allowed to take money out without putting it in creating a huge drain on the system.

    When is the American worker going to wise up and REVOLT against this scam?

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