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  • b0ther_me b0ther_me Feb 25, 2004 3:51 PM Flag

    Greenspan is Right on SS

    Here we go again...wanting to increase the taxes on the minority (hard working wealthy) for the benefit for the majority--many of whom as democrats have been lead down the path to believe they can do nothing for themselves.
    Until the lower tax paying majority realizes that they have to be more responsible for themselves...better education, better savings, perhaps less partying, less TV, less drugs etc., etc. and more work, they will have less and deserve less.

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    • I don't know how to put this politely, so I won't try: you are a moron.

      The hard-working wealthy? You were thinking perhaps of Paris Hilton?

      As for the supposedly lazy majority, when is the last time you held a blue collar job? I've worked in steel mills and paper mills, done pick-and-shovel work, and worked in a restaurant kitchen. Those were sweaty, exhausting jobs, far harder than the desk job I now have, and paying far less. The idea that working class people are lazy is so friggin insulting it hardly justifies a response.

      Social Security has problems, plenty of them. But asking the working class to solve them all for the benefit of the well-off is not my idea of a decent solution.


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      • You are the MORON dude. Probably still collecting from some gov. program as well. I don't know squat about you, but you know less than that about me.

        You inserted the term LAZY..I don't know if it fits you, but certainly does not fit most of BLUE collar working folks.

        The last time I held a blue collar job was in 1989, when I was working two jobs to make ends meet. I did what I had to do to lift myself up.
        Durring this time I took no benefits from society, my wife also worked part time (blue collar work while I was going to school.
        I bet you made more money in the Mills, than I did at UPS and my other PT job. But I'll bet you I lived more frugally than you, saved a greater percent of my wages--and that's why I may be considered wealthy.
        OH, BTW you piece of shit, I paid my own way through school. No minority grants, low income grants etc.
        The one bit of help I had was the strong work ethic that I learned from my folks.
        Why shouldn't I (or anyone else) be able to expect half of the same from those in my past predicament today?
        I'm talking to those that are able bodied and able to work--

        Must have really struck a cord woith you...asking folks to work hard and sacrifice a bit. Don't you know that's how this great country was built?

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