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  • dohjj1 dohjj1 Mar 14, 2004 11:41 AM Flag

    Kerry's debate challenge

    After getting caught on tape calling Republican's "crooks and liars", Kerry is trying to change the subject with a transparent sleight of hand maneuver unworthy of the magician that exposes the craft's tricks on Fox. His call for monthly debates is a desparate attempt to fill in the news/PR void between his current "presumptive" coronation and the actual Convention crowning in that bastion of Northeast liberalism, Boston, later in the summer. GWB should return Kerry's flipping him the Bird by ignoring him and his "crooks and liars" comment and his attempt to change the subject. Let Kerry simply twist in the wind of his own brain-fart.

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    • Bush is Busy going to rodeos and Nascar races on the public's dime.

    • So what the hell do you expect me to say about your dumb request for a debate? I responded with the dignity it deserved. I do not have the authority to speak for Bush. Your man will get his debate when the two sides agree on it. I am sure that it will not be for a while, as I am sure that Bush does not think it is time yet. Besides, he is busy, unlike Kerry. Kerry should get his ass back to work, as we are paying him to do. But the man is typical of so many liberals as he is on the government dole, and he just goes on doing as he pleases and not working.

      One thing I have to agree with you on though. Pathetic! Your posts and thinking are pretty pathetic. I feel sorry for people such as you, you really do not have a grasp on reality.

    • Kerry challenged Bush to a "real discussion about America's future" in a monthly series of debates on the "key issues" including the war on terrorism, the loss of U.S. jobs and the plight of Americans without health care.

      Let's see if Bush is up to meeting that challenge.

      IMO, Bush would rather hide behind the negative spin campaign of Karl Rove because Dubya doing a real and informed exchange of ideas without a script is HILLARIOUS !

      Well Dubya are you going to "Bring it On" or are going to make excuses and go AWOL again ?

    • The problem for Kerry is that more than half of this country is made up of "crooks and liars". Sorry John boy.

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