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  • smellyfox1 smellyfox1 Jun 10, 2004 7:33 PM Flag

    Liquid Cooled Computer?!!

    >>Now what is new about the cooled CPUs. It known for at least 30 years that if the CPU heats up then we have a meltdown. Some of the fast machines even have refrigerated CPUs. So what is new?<<

    What's worth noting here is that Apple is willing to differentiate itself from PC cloners and make a great computer through innovation and quality engineering.

    None of the PC box makers have ever produced a liquid cooled consumer level desktop computer.

    I use to bash the Mac because Apple users seem so religious about their computer. So I would talk down about their Mac just for the hell of it.

    I've got 2 PCs at home and when I walked by an Apple Store 3 months ago I was impressed by the Powerbook they had on display. I took the leap of faith and bought it 2 days later. I must confess that was the best decision I have ever made. I now spend 90% of my time on the Mac and 10% between the 2 PCs. I now find it hard to use the PCs. Everything just seem to run smoother, feel more refined when I'm on the Mac. It's like a breath of fresh air.

    As a long time PC user, I think we should encourage the kind of innovation Apple brings to the industry rather than burying our heads in the sand. Unless we start to appreciate these innovations and demand the same from PC makers we will have to continue to put with the frustration of using a second rate OS and inferior hardware.

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    • So how much are they paying you to plug this in a public forum?

      There's nothing special about liquid cooled computer and Apple is for sure not the first to do it.

      Almost every companies that make gaming PC's use it. Apple is just following suit.

      Your refined Eulogy over Apple reminds me of those commercials they use to have with converts talking about the PC. Is this another of those stupid commercials some companies are trying where they sit a bunch of people down with some silly gizmos as if they were ordinary people and then if someone seem interested they let them try it out?

      In this case - trashtalking PCs and glorifying Apple.

      Dude, I'll never switch to Apples - they don't have enough programs for me to enjoy.

      Beside a software crash is half the fun. Keeps your ticker pumping.

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      • >>Beside a software crash is half the fun. Keeps your ticker pumping.<<

        What ignorant bravado. You wouldn't be saying that kind of BS if you really understand the frustration of using a PC. My Dell just crashed big time. Now it won't even boot up from installation disk. This is the third time in 6 months that I have to call them to come for repair. I am seriously fed up with this @#$!

        I hate to admit it but you know Apple looks mighty good at this point.

        I'm going to throw that piece of crap from Dell over the balcony and take a picture of it.

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