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  • z4th90193 z4th90193 Jul 16, 2004 12:41 PM Flag

    Allawi a new Saddam ?

    Allawi shot prisoners in cold blood: witnesses
    By Paul McGeough in Baghdad
    July 17, 2004

    Iyad Allawi, the new Prime Minister of Iraq, pulled a pistol and executed as many as six suspected insurgents at a Baghdad police station, just days before Washington handed control of the country to his interim government, according to two people who allege they witnessed the killings.


    "The prisoners were against the wall and we were standing in the courtyard when the Interior Minister said that he would like to kill them all on the spot. Allawi said that they deserved worse than death - but then he pulled the pistol from his belt and started shooting them."

    Re-enacting the killings, one witness stood three to four metres in front of a wall and swung his outstretched arm in an even arc, left to right, jerking his wrist to mimic the recoil as each bullet was fired. Then he raised a hand to his brow, saying: "He was very close. Each was shot in the head."


    The Herald has established that as many as 30 people, including the victims, may have been in the courtyard. One of the witnesses said there were five or six civilian-clad American security men in a convoy of five or six late model four-wheel-drive vehicles that was shepherding Dr Allawi's entourage on the day. The US military and Dr Allawi's office refused to respond to questions about the composition of his security team. It is understood that the core of his protection unit is drawn from the US Special Forces units.

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    • It appears we spent $150 billion+ to upgrade from Saddam 1.0 to Saddam 2.0.

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      • Saddam was never considered a problem as long as he was "friendly." A friendly dictator hands out fat contracts to US corporations, allows the US to base forces in his country, and supports America at the UN. If you do these things, you can torture and loot your country safe from US interference. The minute you stop playing ball, your human rights record suddenly becomes very important.

        Karimov, the dictator of Uzbekistan, who boils his enemies alive, is a good "friend" of America. So is the rehabilitated Kaddafi, and so are our favorite royals, the Saudis. Keep the cash and Coca-Cola flowing, and you are our pal. Stop the gravy train, and you better have nukes to protect yourself from Uncle Sam.

      • It appears that Saddam 2.0 is a better shot. Putting a bullet in some of those scumbags, instead of locking them up and feeding them, may save us $150 billion+ in the long run. One thing for sure, they won't be "repeat offenders", will they?

    • Bush is finished. His arrogance and stupidity caused him to blunder in Iraq. Now 800 Americans are dead and over 3000 wounded.

      How about this? Instead of cursing the President on the internet, go curse your Mayors out, in your own towns, in person!
      Or are you chicken shits cyber cowards?

      U.S. Homicides in 2003

      Chicago - 599 homicides

      New York - 596 homicides

      Los Angeles - 500 homcides

      Baltimore -271 homocides

      D.C. - 247 homocides

      Those are just the people who died

    • We're still not sure if Texas is a province of France, or vice versa. Any Texas schoolboy knows that the flag of France was one of no fewer than *six* flags that have flown over Texas. And that's not even counting the Indians, who didn't have flags. But obviously Lance is equally at home in Texas or France. Thank God for France who gave us the assistance to defeat the British and become Free Americans in the first place!

    • "So that Bush could prance around in a jet pilot costume and act like a tough guy."

      Lyndon used to wear a big cowboy hat and he had a hounddog that looked just like him. He was supposed to be a tough guy, too, but he quit after Ho Chi Minh roughed him up. I never thought he was tough, just big and loud. Henry could have taken him.

    • >>"I can tell your for certain if there is another major attack on our homeland the gloves will come off. "<<

      Yup, I agree with you. Habeus Corpus will be suspended, the Constitution set aside, and the Nov Presidential election "postponed indefinitely," until order can be restored.

      GWB & his tame Congress will declare war on the entire world, until we can narrow down who might have done it, then he'll immediately draft 2-3million young people to prepare for the war action. When we finally do nail down the responsible parties, he'll invade Venezuela (that's where the closest OIL is), and blow away Iran one or two other "unfriendly" countries who he will insist are involved.

      GWB will hire Halliburton & Bechtel to build massive new jails & prisons in the deserts of Calif, Arizona, New Mexico & particularly Texas (Texans need the jobs, you see), to house the tens of thousands of Americans as "Possible enemy combatants" who will be detained indefinitely. Homeland Security will be detailed to chase all over the world arresting anyone anywhere with the right-sounding name & "detaining" them anonymously & incommunicado. Think of it as a similar program to Argentina's "disappeareds" writ large.

      The most important aspect of a response to another attack within the US our obvious policy that sovereignty applies ONLY to the United States. Since we have the Might, We Have The Right, too.

    • "The problem we have in fighting this scourge is that our values prevent us from acting with the kind of ipugnity necessary to deal with those who believe it does not matter how many die ..."

      Really? Is that why we are locking people away for years without charge in secret prisons with no legal rights? And those videos from Abu Ghraib prison sure show what a decent and thoughtful people we are! and what about all those 3,000 pound bombs we dropped on Iraqi shepherds while we were enforcing a no fly zone?

      Oh well... at least our administration has always been honest and told the truth about these things.

    • Roosevelt had already started the war with Germany prior to December 7th.
      "September 11, 1941: Roosevelt ordered US warships to "shoot on sight" at German warships in waters "the protection of which is necessary for American defense.""
      h ttp://

      No wonder they declared war on us first, we'd been shooting at their subs for 3 months and providing escorts and "lend-lease" destroyers to their enemies, plus free war material and the tranports to deliver it.

    • >>
      How you can support this clown is amazing to me.

      He is funny, and a kind man. He went to war from necessity. The war in Iraq has taken a very positive turn, don't you agree?

    • That's not moral superiority, that's air superiority. I prefer cluster bombs to napalm, you can cover a larger area and there are always a few "surprises" left around to deter the scavengers. Did you forget to defend Roosevelt and LBJ? They killed a LOT of "dinks, slopes, gooks,", as you describe them, plus a Kennedy or two.

    • Okay, how about:

      "Janet Reno was not the appropriate person for her position"

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