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  • tpf_1_3_49 tpf_1_3_49 Jul 29, 2004 9:47 AM Flag

    Declining Incomes

    Newly released IRS data show that Americans total incomes declined in both 2001 and 2002. Adjusted for inflation, total incomes were DOWN 9.2% over the 2 years, even when capital gains were excluded. Since the IRS began compiling this data in the 1940's, this is the first time incomes have declined for 2 straight years.

    Is this the great record that Bush is going to run on?

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    • "imo, as ive said before, with WH neutralized, the merger was the right thing for both hwp and cpq shareholders"
      That remains to be seen. So far it seems to have only benefitted the executives.

      Your memory seems to have failed was *both* Walter and David that opposed the merger with their 5.2% of the shares. And since the merger barely passed, a fair number of others must have agreed. But then they must not have been able to do their own due diligence since they fell under the influence of just a small percentage of shares.

      "My" 17% gain is just a reciting of the facts of HPQ performance on the day the opposition was announced. But the real opposition voiced their opinions on the day the acquisition was announced. That 17% gain couldn't even get the stock back to the level where it was before anyone even breathed "Compaq." I guess "WH" must have influenced them, too.

    • I'm suggesting that the financial wisdom of the acquisition has yet to be proven. If you're defining success by the simple fact that a slim majority of shares voted in favor then stock performance isn't an issue with you.

      "the original targeted timing of the closing was PROBABLY one of them"

      Are you using facts here? Or are you SPECULATING that the acquisition timing changed? You sure don't seem to like it when others don't use facts.
      As far as I can tell it did not. Everything closed just a few short weeks after the shareholder vote.
      Are you also suggesting that the new accounting rules are unfair? Or just that HPQ wouldn't look as bad if they were able to use the "old" rules.
      The proxy fight did change one thing: the stock actually went up 17% the day BOTH Walter and David Packard's opposition was announced.

    • equ (or whomever) ... why dont u list the facts u provided in ur *two posts* ... like in 1,2 format

      O.K. Little Z...I'll take you up on the *facts* challenge next week...for now I'm going away for a long summer weekend. Wish me well...

      Behave yourself while I'm gone.

      And now we reurn the board to its regular schedule of political ranting and raving.

      Bye now.

    • "there is always the danger that newbie HPQ virgins might mistake his bullshit for rational analysis..."

      LOL! anyone who cant look at this stock price and the record of Carly deserves what they get :)

    • Thanks. I know all that but little Z amuses me and there is always the danger that newbie HPQ virgins might mistake his bullshit for rational analysis...

      I'm doing a public cervix.

    • I wasn't aware that the "down and dirty" (and still yet to be proved wrong) fight delayed anything to do with the acquisition. From what I recall a separate suit to delay the shareholder vote was unsuccessful. Please explain.

    • Just to cheer you up a little, little Z, I'll tell you that you are write about the coming rightdown of goodwill being non-cash. It will, however, be a demonstration of gross incompetence on the part of HPQ management...LMAO.

    • your really shoulndt waste any more time on little z. she never answers questions with facts. she has no facts only desperate hope. she is so far upside down she is starting to look chinese. little z is here to antagonize and nothing more. all she can produce is a 3 year old chart. save your time and breath and let her rant to herself. in the end thats all she believes anyway.

      oh well

    • Little Z you just keep going and going like the energizer bunny...My not want to dig into government filings on Ms. F's stock sales is not the same thing as lacking facts about the business and should not (lol) be mistaken for an apology...

      There were a number of facts in my two posts this morning all of which you ignore in your lust to try to discredit me...And, yes, the future course of the company is an opinion but the are clues galore for the savvy to find. Very weak margins during strong times don't bode well. DELL doing things better and growing rapidly does not bode well. A complete lack of focus trying to sell everything from huge corporate computing things of all sorts, to consumer PCs and printers, to me-too electroic gizmos and cameras does not bode well.

      More and more it is becoming clear that HPQ is more interested in revenues than profits which turns into a mess when things weaken.

      Oh, well.

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