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  • newtexasonmars newtexasonmars Feb 3, 2005 7:50 PM Flag

    worth $37 per share

    At least one analyst does'nt have their head up his arse.

    "According to the latest 10-K filing HPQ had $15 billion of cash locked-up in overseas subsidiaries. It will likely take the company until mid-year to repatriate most of this cash," Blount said.

    However, "we believe the company is already in the process of evaluating numerous alternatives including increased investment in core businesses and potential acquisitions," he continued.

    The analyst left his $25 price target unchanged, reflecting the approximate value of H-P's printer business on a standalone basis and the $4.34 per share of net cash on the company's balance sheet. He believes, however, that the company could be substantially in excess of that target if it begins to meet financial objectives consistently.

    Based on a sum-of-the-parts analysis, Blount estimates H-P's businesses could be worth $37 per share"

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    • True (very pessimistic), when your queen bee is still around. Now optimism came along after she got booted out.

    • "Now it seems you are being pessimistic."

      I am neither pessimistic nor optimistic. The game is simply not the one I anticipated and which formed the basis for my investment decision. I anticipated a strong CEO turning around a sleepy giant after completing a big merger. That isn't what the game is at this point, that's all. As I said, I will sell down my position in an orderly manner over about a year. Don't have to sell, but that's what I've chosen to do to be consistent with my game plan. Not a terribly complex call to make.

    • who do you like, then? The list of competent tech execs is rather slim, is it not?

    • I like Zander, too. Don't think he'd do it, but he would be ideal.

    • There is no way Zander would leave MOT for HPQ because he is enjoying what he is doing there and having rapid positive impact on the MOT business -- and looks like he is execising a lot of creativity as well. He is already very rich, so he would not be motivated as Carly was (to play out a orchestrated scam that I think from the beginning had a "play it out" and cash in strategy) The real question is if Zander would do it for the professional satisfaction and accomplishment and he is likely already experiencing that at MOT and will be successful there for sure. HPQ is in a world of pain and it's just getting started, thanks to a wasted 6 years where nothing impactful was accomplished, vital initiatives were blown off, an award winning disaster aquisition was pushed through, and deadly competitors were given all those years to fine tune and solidify thier strategies, grab customers and market share -- and a spin doctor sales executive con artist flew all over the world "preaching and chatting" for those years in her private jet, instead of minding the shop back home. I bet Zander likes a major challenge, but why would be jump off a slightly leaky ocean liner into a quagmire of quicksand??? I also, think his ethics and values would compell him to see things though in a gig way at MOT, unlike Capellas at HPQ.

    • Yeah, buy Zander is happy at Motorola, why would he wants to go work for POS HP?

    • I would welcome zany zander. Certainly over an incompetent, hatchetman like Capellas. Hands down!

    • .That my bet and I will buy HP products and so will others.......

    • Cheer up shbrom, where now you enthusiasm about HPQ stock optimism. You used to present a lot of chartings/links for HPQ business progress before. Now it seems you are being pessimistic.

      We all knew CF is out and we just have to keep going and it's interesting to know if HPQ can rebound again after what happened.
      I know a lot of folks were hurting, for what had happenned due the stagnant stock after the merger and CF being around.

      Now, it's becoming more interesting on how the new CEO that will be selected runs the company. There are lots of uncertainty ahead and I myself is not sure what will happen next.

      But when you go to invest, you always take the risk. Even analyst can' exactly predict what will happen to HPQ eventually. That's up for the future management and employees of HPQ. But sometimes it' nice to to have a pain lesson to be awaken and be more diligent the next time around.

      If damage is not done, no way CF will be ousted we all knew that, but we can only hope for the best afterwards.

      The reality is: we have just to wait and see and be vigilant as shareholders.

    • I'm not pessimistic or optimistic. The game is now different from that on which I based my investment. I was not invested to be part of the "old HP", which I didn't invest in though I had the opportunity to do so. So I'll just mosey on down the street and disinvest gradually as prices rise (assuming you are correct in your view).

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