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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Jun 26, 2005 6:29 PM Flag

    Amazed at 'Fake' News Media

    They should be having a field day with Rumsfeld. He is so incredibly dishonest.

    Rummy: "The insurgency is on its last legs, but as it becomes weaker, it will strengthen in its ferocity."

    Report_I_Wish:"Gee, so it we will know they are defeated when they really start kicking ass, right?"

    The way to defeat a blowhard like Rumsfeld, is to constantly ask for absolutes, not relatives.

    "How many car bombs a day will be the peak?", for example.

    "Is it possible we will still have troops in Iraq in 2020?"

    He can't answer, because he's just making things up.

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    • I guess that you just haven't realized that the label of "rich elite" now encompasses both parties. And of those on both sides of the isle who can afford it, neither have sons or daughters enlisting. Hmm. Just heard a discussion of that today! But as far as us regular Joes? Yep, our sons and daughters are going and they are members of the GOP. Wow. Think of that.

    • And I love the way the sons and daughters of the GOP elite are rushing to enlist in the Army.

      When Jenna Bush signs up, maybe I'll listen to what her father has to say about the war--and maybe he'll be singing a different tune, more in harmony with the 1700 plus families whose kids are dead.

    • You are so smug in your life of plenty. I bet you would really get out there and vote if you knew there was going to be a suicide bomber show up sometime during the day at your polling place. Oh yeah, you'd have John Kerry crying that you were disenfranchised because you didn't show up. How easy for you to be snide when you enjoy luxury every day compared to the average Iraqi. I love how you liberals claim to be for the poor and downtrodden, but in reality are just elitist snobs.

    • Yep, just one continual circle jerk going on with them!

      They hate republicans and think they can do nothing right.

      I don't agree with everything that is going on, but by God they know more about the situation as it is, and therefore more about how to approach it than the assholes sitting at a keyboard typing out a bunch of crap and finding fault with everything they do.

      They aren't perfect. They make mistakes, but they are trying - and thay have been doing at least as well as the democrats while they were in office.

      I say fuckem, and feedem fish!!!

    • Well, some people have asked what I do, being retired and all.

      My answer: Mostly I justs sits, but SOMETIMES I sits and thinks.

      You got a problem, or are you just trying to be cute like most of tha sshole liberals on this board?

    • What I would do, is the next time Rummy shows up in Iraq, I'd have only under-armored Humvees available. Then have numerous troops ask him to take a spin outside of green zone.

      See how brave he really is!

    • If you really have a son serving there, convey to him our best wishes and gratitude.

      We'll do all we can to see that he and all troops are given whatever they need to return home safe, and as soon as possible.

      I don't support the war, but I support the soldiers 100%.


    • Attention, all geniuses:

      The Bush Administration has admitted negotiating WITH TERRORIST insurgents.

      So much for your last post.

      check out Voice of America web page: quote:

      The defense secretary also sought to downplay the significance of reports of contacts involving U.S. officials and some elements of Iraq's insurgency. The Sunday Times of London reports two such meetings have taken place outside Baghdad in recent weeks, in hopes of stemming violence in the country.

    • Just watching what has happened in the past,I'm looking for the players to anchor the price of HPQ at $25.00 on 7/15 .That will kill all or most of the money on PUTS and CALLS. The only thing that could stop it ,is that it snows in New Orleans on July the 14,2005.JMHO

    • some of these pink pantied organ grinders really hate rove

      ....good argument to kick up roves compensation

      I actually saw the socialist talking heads on CBS floating the idea about how Bush "may have to negotiate with the insurgents" (aka make a deal with the sadistic murderous bloodthirsty terrorist tyrants)....leave it to these braindead wastes of life to encourage the enemy

      liberals just love to snatch defeat from the jaws of impending em all little woodys

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