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  • neoslipperman neoslipperman Jun 30, 2005 12:32 AM Flag

    Goodbye HP

    Well I got my severance money today. I'm out of Satan's asshole after more than 2 decades. Goodbye to the constantly changing acroynms, goodbye to the self congratulating management who wouldn't know a real worker from a brown noser if it meant the world. Goodbye to the dishonest doubletalk about profit sharing. Goodbye to the politcally correct pro-queer, anti-Christian bullshit. Goodbye to years of no raises while the BOD double their salary and send American jobs overseas. If it weren't for 3 people stumbling upon inkjet HP would be history by now. HP is as big as it is not because of managment and their latest think tank ideas about how to manage people which lasts about 6 months before the next idea comes around but in spite of them. Because of the pions and working stiffs of HP who have enough self respect to do a good job each day, not because they give a crap about HP, but because they have self respect. I've read alot about deadwood on this board over the years but the truth of the matter is that the real deadwood is most of the management, not the lower level worker. Upper management only promotes brown nosers and yes men who go along and look out for each other. I am glad I am out of there and will be telling everyone I know to buy HP's competitors products. Bill and Dave, your company died around 1986 when on the same day the profit sharing formula was changed because we were getting too much money, and HP started providing benefits to sexual deviants and fornicators. When I started at HP I was proud to say that I work there, now I am glad I am out of there.

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    • Your post qualifies you as a vulgar idiot without shame. Lowlife loser!

    • And what makes you so fucking smart, you shitheaded cumstained fucking moron? I was only agreeing with unclefilbert.

      Fuck off, eat shit, and DIE!!!

    • and your point is what?????????????
      that people must give their "real" names in order lend some credibility to the dirt dished on the company?
      I guess your'e the same person who says all anonymous news sources need to give their real names too. What a load of crap.........

    • Needless to say, blogger and his whining cohorts have neither the integrity or guts to post on this mb with their real names. Instead, they spend a good part of each working day posting their libelous screeds and stealing from HPQ's shareholders.

      Anonymity is the haven for such scum.

    • Just want to see if you have any real "hosscents" at all.

    • Tell you what, you give me your name and address and then, if I discover you're not just an incompetent manager for HP with an ax to grind, I will provide my name and mailing address. How's that? What say you? And if you don't respond intelligently, I'll be able to surmise the hidden agenda and the ulterior motive you may have.

    • I'm not someone who has worked "inside" HP, I wouldn't believe or trust much of anything there.....didn't used to be that way but it sure is now.

      I saw lots of folks WFR'd and a month later there was an "opening"...funny thing was that the "slot" always seemed to be "re-located" to India, Malaysia, etc. When my contract ran out I chose to move on....even turned down an offer to become a "badged" employee....didn't trust the company.

    • Might be a rumor (about the person in France). Might also have to do with that country's work council. France is one of the most protective of their citizens and their jobs in Europe.

      Try to get additional verification on the situation, including who paid the 70-80% of his pay until retirement. Could have been tax money in addition to HP payments.

      Of course, the whole thing might be made up...

    • Uncle, the situation you describe is alien in every respect to every VSI case I've ever heard of.

      Did you experience VSI in Britain?

      A case I heard of in France, there was a person put on WFR, he got to stay a full year, and then received 70% or 80% of his pay, until retirement.

    • You couldn't be more mistaken than in your first paragraph.

      People were let go, and the word spread through HP: do not hire back any WFRs.

      I was 'released' from my job, and 1 day later an opening was advertised in my group.

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