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  • minky5011 minky5011 Jul 7, 2005 2:40 PM Flag

    Thank you GWB

    For making the 'world a safer place'

    For bringing 'Osama to justice'

    For taking the 'Fight to the terrorists'

    For falling off your bicycle yet again.

    For taking a budget surplus and wasting it on a un-winnable war.

    For saying 'Bring it on'

    For saying ' Mission Accomplished'

    For taking your eye off the prize

    Bring our troops home NOW. Our borders need protection now more than ever. THAT is a battle we CAN win.

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    • Shankbob:

      Read this--

      "Washington D.C., 9 July 2004 - The CIA has decided to keep almost entirely secret the controversial October 2002 CIA intelligence estimate about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction that is the subject of today's Senate Intelligence Committee report, according to the CIA's June 1, 2004 response to a Freedom of Information Act request from the National Security Archive.

      The CIA's response included a copy of the estimate, NIE 2002-16HC, October 2002, Iraq's Continuing Programs for Weapons of Mass Destruction, consisting almost entirely of whited-out pages. Only 14 of the 93 pages provided actually contained text, and all of the text except for the two title pages and the two pages listing National Intelligence Council members had previously been released in July 2003. At that time, CIA responded to the first round of controversy over the Niger yellowcake story by declassifying the "Key Findings" section of the estimate and a few additional paragraphs."

      Remember the phrase from the Downing Street memo: "Intelligence and facts are being fixed around the policy"? Here's an example. The NIE paragraphs you quoted were the leftovers after the other 79 pages were deleted, and it is impossible to know how substantially doctored the released pages were.

    • Bush is a tepid front man, who does what he is told to.

      That's how he's been his entire life, other than the 20 years he was a fall down drunk.

      Rove is the guy that tells him what to do.

      Simple isn't it?

      If that's the moral high ground, I take the flatlands.

    • You have defined me, I do not belong to any group, and my beliefs are shared not defined by "groups".
      I dictate to no-one only state the way I come to my opinions. I am a GOD FEARING WOMEN, and the decline in the morals of this country has great worry for me, if you see that as fanatic, fine.
      Bush does represent the moral high grounds for me and thats why I have gone way right.
      I have an adult girl and her politics are different then mine, she is more of a moderate which I contribute to her age, we still are able to speak of policies that effect are lives without an negative affect on who we are.
      Thats not fanatic, it civil and worthwhile.

    • Hey Bozzers,

      The Weekly Bimbo Award committee has completed their deliberations and we are excited to let you know that you won first prize. You are the winner of the first Weekly Bimbo award. You had some worthy challengers but after a short deliberation, we all agree that no one else has the ability to post nonsense as often as you do, or to make a complete idiot of herself as often as you do.

      We realize that you might dominate this category if we didn't allow others an opportunity to win occasionally. To be fair to others, we have decided to limit your ability to be the Weekly Bimbo to once per month.

      Again congratulations. You are one special girl!

      Luv ya,


    • "My opinion is also who I am and what I trully believe. Your right I see things left/right and I don't think ..."

      When people "see things left/right" what that means is that they take a side. It is clear that you have taken a side. Nothing wrong with that, many people do it. The advantage to taking a side is that it defines who you are, because it identifies which groups you belong to, which group you have allegance to, etc.

      But it isn't "your" opinion. It is the group opinion and it is how you show your membership in the group, by repeating the things that you think shows membership in the group.

      That is why I compared you to a fanatic, as they come by their opinions in a similar manner.

      Myself, I believe that the best approach is to actually think about things one at a time. The spin doctors hate that kind of person and would rather see me on the other "side" than to be someone that thinks for themselves.

      But I am not saying that you are wrong. You have every right to gain your identity from the dogma of the groups that you belong to. It seems that it might be better though, if you gained your identity from being a member of the PTA or something though. The Bush Regime group is very destructive to this country and even to the world.

    • the chief is right

      you are an idiot...everything Ive seen you post is like a bad offence ;)

      ...I used to live in littleton...englewood...lakewood....when I was there people in colo. werent quite so stupid
      I leave 20 years ago and a bunch of you turn into drooling morons


    • You value POLLS, look at Bushes numbers before the election. He was down and yet he won big. Polls aren't worth the time it takes to read them.
      My opinion is also who I am and what I trully believe. Your right I see things left/right and I don't think I could change, I like my moral values and I know this country needed changes and Bush was the only man for the job at this time.
      You mentions Clintons name and the board is in an uproar, why? Teens use Clintons name everyday thats his legacy.

    • Billy - read this...

      Document 15: Director of Central Intelligence, National Intelligence Estimate, Iraq's Continuing Programs for Weapons of Mass Destruction, October 2002. Top
      Secret (Extract).

      Source: The White House

      In response to the post-war controversy over U.S. intelligence estimates of Iraqi WMD programs, the White House released the entire key judgments section of the Top Secret October 2002 national intelligence estimate on the subject. (An unclassified version of the NIE had been released that same month, see Document 14).

      The estimate concluded that Iraq continued its weapons of mass destruction programs despite U.N. resolutions and sanctions and that it was in possession of chemical and biological weapons as well as missiles with ranges exceeding U.N. imposed limits. In addition, it was judged that Iraq was reconstituting its nuclear weapons program and, if left unchecked, would probably have a nuclear weapon before the end of the decade - assuming it had to produce the fissile material indigenously. If Iraq could acquire sufficient fissile material from abroad it could construct a nuclear weapon within several months to a year, the estimate reported.

      With regard to both chemical and biological weapons, the NIE reported not only that Iraq had maintained stocks of the weapons but was actively engaged in production. The released section contains the assessment, based at least in part on human intelligence, that "Baghdad has begun renewed production of" a variety of chemical weapons - mustard gas, sarin, cyclosarin, and VX. It also stated that all key aspects of Iraq's offensive biological weapons program were active - including R&D, production, and weaponization - and that most components were larger and more advanced than they were before the Gulf War. It also reported that Iraq possessed mobile facilities for producing bacterial and toxin biological warfare agents.


    • I am sure that I won't change your opinion as it sounds to me like you are as fully stuck in your way of seeing the world as one of those fellows that straps on a bomb and blows up civilians in a market. True, you have a different dogma, but it is just as intrenched and inflexible.

      You might however remember that there was a time that GW had more than 85% support of the people of this country. There was so much support that the entire press spoke with only one voice and there was little opposition in the entire country.

      Between now and then something has happened. GW has been exposed. People who argue against him to you think that you somehow don't know that he lied and that is why they keep repeating it to you. Obviously, as a person with an IQ greater than 34, you know that he lied.

      What they dont get is that you won't admit that he lied, and even try to say otherwise. They mistakenly think that this means that you dont know, rather than that you are lying as well.

      In groups of humans some people emulate the leader, and since GW has essentially handled all of his problems with lies and excuses, and casting dispersions on those that disagree with him, calling them unpatriotic for daring to say that he is wrong, or unpatriotic if they don't support whatever it is that he is doing, you are copying that as well.

      In fact, if one looks at the style of GW and the style of those that support him, the fact that they copy him shows that they understand perfectly well what he is doing.

      If you didn't know what he was like, you wouldn't be using the same tactics. You wouldn't be attempting to win an argument by claiming that those that disagree with you are from "the left."

      Remember, 85% is pretty large support, and he earned every one of the drops in points that he has incurred since then.

      You can continue copying him, lying as he lies, trying to make it about sides instead of about facts, and claiming that it is the "left" that wants to hold up his lies for the world to see and embarass us all. Everyone is entitled to their own stance and their own opinion, even those that do nothing more than copy GW.

    • Now we are getting somewhere:


      is not part of the liberal press.

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