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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Jul 13, 2005 12:03 PM Flag

    OT About Rove...

    Its not that he may have committed treason, in time of war, punishable by death, its that he got this information from someone?


    That is where the fun will begin!

    Rove always wanted to be just like Nixon, looks like he may have acheived his dream!

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    • Is your religious life including the fear of truth? You made so made negative remarks about me, and they project, as always, negatively on you only. Didn't you learn anything from your church? All this negativity is only in your mind, can you get over it?

    • Wow. You ARE an arrogant so-and-so aren't you? In that case, I will just allow you to relax in your ignorance and will go on to more productive activities. Have a good one!

    • Well lucky, it seems that you did not like my post. Most of your reply is blame, false accusations, jumping to conclusion, and overall and emaotional (irrational?) view of what liberalism and religion are. Clearly you are wrong, as it is imposible to be right.

    • Bob, you are so full of it. You don't know me and if you think that I am extreme right wing, then you are also ignorant. And as far as your idea that liberalism and religion go hand in hand, that may be so, but liberalism and Christianity do not. There is a difference between religion and Christianity. I am thinking that you are talking off of the top of your head and have no experience with what you speak. Oh yes, and I just finished watching Bruce Sanford, one of the attorneys who wrote the law in 1982 that you guys are trying to saddle Rove with...he said that it is being totally misapplied and that there is no case and really is a waste of taxpayer's time and money. So what else is new??? It is Dan Rather's documents all over again.

    • Your opinion is of extreme right, fueled also ur strong religious beliefs. The religious people ought, at least, to be liberals, but most lost their compass. Liberalism and religion goes hand in hand, and the liberals are those who defend the civil rights, one of those being the freedom of religion. Maybe that is what is difficult to accept, and perhaps you, as many other misguided, believe that only your religion alone is on the right path to the truth. I can say that I believe that your political views and religion does not match, and you should review your thoughts, really.

    • ", all Karl Rove did was to refute incorrect information"

      Right, and Child Molesters are nothing more than poor soles who had a bad experience with Play-Doh went in their formative years.

      You have all the makings of becomeing a Liberal Commie Picko Criminal Defense Attorney.

      This is the "It was not my dick" defense.

    • the_amarillo_armadillo the_amarillo_armadillo Jul 15, 2005 11:30 AM Flag

      The way I understand it, all Karl Rove did was to refute incorrect information picked up by the reporter Matt Cooper that VP Dick Cheney had ordered Joe Wilson to go to Niger. Rove told Cooper that it was State Deparemnt (and former CIA employee) Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson's wife, who sent him to Niger.

      This information was rather innocuous and no threat whatsoever to Plame. Valerie Plame's employment at the CIA and State Deparment had ceased to be secret years before. Everyone in Washington knew of Plame's position and of her relationship to husband Joe Wilson, a Democrat Party operative. Plame and Wilson had even appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair Magainze in mock James Bond spy attire. Soit is hardly true that Plame operated under "deep cover."

      Rove's information passed to Matt Cooper was so innocuous that Rove voluntarily told Matt Cooper that he had Rove's permission to name him as a source. Rove did not want Cooper to be held in contempt of court and possibly sented to a jail term for upholding the journalists' pledge to keep sources confidential. So rove told Cooper to go ahead and name him as a source.

      That tells me that Karl Rove is the only person who has shown any integrity in this case.

      Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson's motives are suspect because Wilson was a Democrat Party operative feeding anti-Bush information to the Kerry campaign. If it turns out that Valerie Plame used her official position in the State Department to send Joe Wilson on an essentially political mission with a preconcieved mission to discredit Bush, then both Plame and Wilson will have good reason to be fearfull of prosecution for mixing politics into their official government duties. I would lots rather be wearing Rove's shoes than theirs.

    • "You say that Rove is known as a media manipulator."

      This is not a secret. Rove's first tutor was Donald Saggretti, under President Nixon.

      And stop looking for the Tooth Fairy.

      And stop defining "liberals" as Communist Traitors Whose Crime Is To Not Swallow The Party Line.

    • And on that note, I must fly to worlds unknown to pick up orders.

    • You say that Rove is known as a media manipulator. I have a funny feeling that this may prove to be the most accurate statement that you have said yet. I have a feeling that, knowing the media the way he does, that Rove has had the occassion to allow them and the liberals (note that I do not say Democrats) to become 'hoist on their own pittard'. As of Schumer's rant yesterday, I believe that crow may be served ala feathers.

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