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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Sep 12, 2005 9:34 AM Flag

    HP is Finished

    Talked to my best friend at HP, stellar rep for over 20 years.

    Two things: Told me the best, most talented tech person in the area quit. He was tired of being jerked around. Second: my friend was fishing around as to whether I would consider returning to HP.

    I thought about it awhile and determined: Hp is no place to be if you want a career. Given the wild gyrations and wholesale layoffs and drive by WFRs, that continue to happen, who wants to try and establish long term employment and growth.

    Its slash and burn, cut to the bone, baby out with the bathwater.

    It was a watershed moment for me. I spent the rest of the day trying to figure an angle where returning to HP would make sense.

    I couldn't.

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    • Just where is H-P hiring? My understanding is they want everything overseas ASAP. Are you going overseas?

    • Billy, I knew how it feels to be ignored as a good/dedicated worker of HP after a long years of sacrifices. Most of the time I even extend myself without being paid just being proud of HP.

      However, it didn't worked the way I thought I could make 30 years. Instead, after traing the Indian guy from India, they moved my job in India later on, So, I decided to take the retirement offered in 6/2002 after 26 years at HP and being 54 years old that time, instead being WFR'd.

      The ugly part, I knew some non-performers/deadwoods that were kept coz they so friendly with the bosses. It hurts, but I could see the reason why they did that in order to save money. It not really easy to forget, when you put your heart and efforts for a company you believe in and later on be set aside coz they find someone new with a cheaper labor that probably can do the same job I have had or probably better.

      But I have no regret at all, since I was able to find a job better and being more paid higher than my 26 years at HP. God will always provide in your good deeds. However, I still want to see HP to prosper for those employees/shareholders to benefit.

      There have been a lot of doubts and failure during Carly's term and we hope captain Hurd will turn it around. As a shareholder, I'm looking to the bright side as well as other shareholders. As I told you I brought back my investment with HP after Carly. It's just a matter of confidence, but still a matter of gamble.

      I always wanted to see people win in their invesments. I just wish the best for all who invest for HP and with prayers I hope Captain Hurd is the right person to turn it around.
      All we can do is wait and see and it's always the case. We have seen a lot of analysis, speculations, guesses by analyst, ourselves and other experts positive and negative. However, the bottomline is the result or the EPS everyone is concerned of.

      All I can do is guess also, based on all other analyst and resources I read, but exactly don't know what will happened next.
      That's up for the people who manage HP as a whole not only captain Hurd.

    • And for your one "stellar" rep, I call, with 5 stellar reps who think that Hurd is a godsend and is doing a remarkable job on getting a handle on things. One of those is a friend of ours who was hired about 2 months ago from another company and is REALLY impressed with what he actually sees, vs what he heard through the rumor mill. It takes time to rebuild the destruction of past incompetence (just ask Lee Iacoca) but for those who are patient, it pays off. Judging from our friends in HP, we have been reinvesting. HP is far from being finished!

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      • Actually from ONE standpoint HP NEEDS to be finished, so that the NEW HP can rise to the top..... and for those of us who work there, I can tell you that things are showing TREMENDOUS amounts of light at the end of the tunnel ...the END of HP as a company that bought Compaq and totally disregarded the culture of Digital Tandem and Compaq which was there with all that talent .....

        THE RISE of the NEW HP ...from the flames of the past finally paying off ...we DO see it as real growth and movement forward .... and I for one see it as a place with REAL promise for a long term future ....

        Hurd is making positive and considered changes ....

    • Billy, that is a good post. Good sign for hp that you even considered returning.

      May I ask if you might have decided otherwise if you were 10 years younger?

      Is it again becoming a place where younger talent can learn and grow? Maybe it is still too early.

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      • Thanks, but I find 'what if you could trade places, 10 years ago, etc,' scenarios are meaningless.

        That said, the only thing I would do, if I were ten years younger, would be trying like hell to set up my own business.

        Working for any corporation, you are just a cell on a spread sheet, maybe a row on a spread sheet if you are in an enlightened company.

        Mergers, spin-offs, make political alliances and long term relationships just a game of 'hold-em'.

        When they need to pick up a few million, out you go, and they figure, we'll find someone else!

        Apropos, I'm doing so work for once stellar company tomorrow. Now, they are a burnt out shell, no one in their right mind considers working for them. I don't like working with their people because there isn't much spark or hope left in the workforce. It makes it unexciting to work with them.

        The hardest thing to adjust for is there is no long term anymore in corporate employement. Only government offers any sort of stability and retirement. But then, who can put up with all that bureaucracy?

      • "May I ask if you might have decided otherwise if you were 10 years younger?"

        You should have asked if he was 10 years older. Then he would not have as much to lose. But, I have to admit, things are looking up now that there "appears" to be some effective leadership.

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