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  • myjobwasoutsourced myjobwasoutsourced Feb 21, 2006 9:09 AM Flag

    mgt moves employees out the door

    I think you think H-P should care. H-P has moved overseas and can afford to pay less here. If they don't find the people to do it for less here they just move the opertion over there.

    Work for less and get over it. H-P is way ahead of the ballgame now. Other companies will follow. Think of H-P as the Wal-Mart of tech companies.

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    • The problem is you really do get what you pay for. If you think that people here have a 9-5 attitiude, it is worse in countries like India. The over-achievers either come to the US, start their own business, or quickly get into management - there is no money to be made being technical in India, unless the alternative is no job.

      Part of the problem is there is no infrastructure - no mega-marts, no strip malls, no road maintenance, clean water, etc. Life takes more time, which means less time for work.

      Another problem is schools there do a good job of training you to follow, not to lead or innovate. Not that there aren't leaders or innovators, just that there aren't as many as here. Remember, the leaders and innovators come to the US (or now, thanks to the Patriot Act, NZ, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc) for their graduate education, and are very likely to stay there.

      There just aren't as many good engineers over there as is thought. There is enough of a shortage that 20% annual raises are often neccessary to keep employee turnover down to a tolerable minimum.

    • You are correct- many know hp does not care and that the exit plan is in place for employees whether they know it or not. Jobs have gone and will continue to go elsewhere. Exception is that Intel is hiring big time and has gotten 25.2 Billion U.S. $$'s in tax exemptions to expand in Oregon alone.

      Question 1: Why is Intel expanding in U.S. while HP is not?

      Question 2: Is there no value in staff stateside? or is capability only exit offshore?

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      • Question 1: Why is Intel expanding in U.S. while HP is not?

        Question 2: Is there no value in staff stateside? or is capability only exit offshore?

        One may consider that % of Intel proprietary intellectual property is exceptionally high. Advanced product development is in U.S> & Israel. Same for IBM semi-conductors, where the advanced products are done in U.S. & Japan.

        On the other hand hp computer and storage products in the past 5 years have concentrated on industry standard products. Even the packaging is industry standard.

        I suspect that some of the advanced printer development is being done here, only the new proprietary head design and fab.

        If and when hp adds proprietary value, U.S. job growth should take place. Afraid this is yet another by-product of commoditization. Irony of everyone using Intel chips. Intel gets to expand in U.S. engineering, while everyone else cuts.

        Footnote here. I have an impression AMD is planning advanced development in their new India R&D. Maybe they have to for competing w Intel. But long term, are we going to see chip challenge from India? (At least I don't think they are doing it in China yet.)

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