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  • viperik99 viperik99 Jun 6, 2006 2:47 PM Flag

    Gobal Warming & Extintion Lies Exposed!

    This report shows us once again that the libs who are over-hyping global warming and mass extinction are out of touch.

    As those of you who actually care to read the news know, even when there is a concerted effort to exterminate animals and pests of all sorts -- WE JUST CAN'T DO IT!! As Jurrasic Park taught us... "Life will find a way."

    So, Bush is right on this one too.

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    • As usual, you misinterpret scientific data to fit your preconceptions. In this case, you weren't alone. A number of the publications that reported on the German discovery of methane emitted by living plants concluded that this showed the plants were largely responsible for global warming. But the authors of the study were quick to correct this misinterpretation. Unfortunately, you seem to have missed the correction, so here it is:

      The point is, these plants have been doing this for eons, so they can't be responsible for the rapid build-up of atmospheric greenhouse gases in recent years. The same can be said for cow farts, they have been around for eons and while the total numbr of cows on earth may be slightly greater now than it was, say, 50 years ago, that slight increase can't account for the much greater increase of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

      You and other reactionaries want a painless solution to the global warming problem, one that requires no sacrifice on anyone's part and miraculously cures the problem Not gonna happen. It's the same mindset that wants to fight a war against Islamic fundamntalism without any sacrifice or inconvenience.

    • Lucky, I do remember reading an article in Nature about research into plant methane production. As I recall, the estimate was that plants produce 20% of the world's methane. Not an insubstantial amount. Do you know if this has been studied as to it's affect on global warming or is it just assumed that plants contribute 20% of the methane %age?

    • VT, day late and dollar short. I had a brain fart and should have put methane. You will see that later as you read. Heh, dug potatoes as big as my hand today. New potatoes with green beans, vidalia onions and bacon. Yum.

    • > Scientists have also issued a study that shows that trees
      > put out so much CO2 ...

      Lucky, trees don't put out any CO2 - at all. They absorb CO2 and take it out of the atmosphere. Its used as a necessary input to photosynthesis to produce sugars and to create other components used to grow wood and leaves. As CO2 increases in the atmosphere, most plants will do very well. I just read that one plant that will grow much bigger and stronger as CO2 increases is poison ivy. Lucky us!

    • What do you think?

    • ""The tree in the forest here is not that man has caused global warming, but that there is a warming trend right now, period.""


      Are you a smoker?

    • Hippo,
      I was gone for the past day and a half and in reading back over your response, I must say that you wear your feelings on your sleeve. Please read my following post again (to which you responded) and then tell me where I painted you as an econut or where I brought your politics into it. I believe that I used the words "reactionary" and "actionary" know, "proactive" vs "reactive". And tell me where I said that we aren't to innovate, but to let others do it. I find that you read my posts with such bias that you immediately assume that I will make a particular assertion and even if that is not the case, you will read your bias into whatever is posted.

      "You and Hippo are so intent on reaction that you have missed the obvious actions that can be taken. You state that climatologists believe that man-made gasses are excelerating global warming and so therefore it is fact. That is a false statement. Scientists have also issued a study that shows that trees put out so much CO2 [should have read methane]that it affects climate and that cows put out methane that affects climate and none of these are man-made. In fact, the gasses that you are talking about are found in nature and aren't man-made! The tree in the forest here is not that man has caused global warming, but that there is a warming trend right now, period. Reactionaries want to assess blame. Actionaries want to assess solutions to adaptation. And so, because you two look at those of us conservatives as "wrong on every issue" immediately judge us to be wrong on this one, when in actuality we are in agreement that scientists need to focus on how we can maintain a sustainable lifestyle while being good stewards of our surroundings. The US has taken great leaps in that direction. China and other countries have not. As usual, we are expected to fix it for everybody else. Well, so be it. Let's begin teaching people how to be creative and proactive rather then whiney and reactive."

    • Don't waste your time with these numskulls Richard. They can't see through the liberal bias fog that surrounds them.

    • I guess I tagged you first then with more witt and less insult.

      You know there's no second place in being an asshole, so since I'm the nice kind of guy, I'll let you have the trophy.

      No hugs please.

    • "hey look retard, i'm not here to discuss anything"

      No shit?

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