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  • kohcn2k1 kohcn2k1 Oct 5, 2006 4:35 AM Flag

    Hi all, discuss issues objectively, please!

    My wife works at HP in Singapore and owns HP shares. My sole reason for being here in this forum is to find out the impact of the pretexting scandal on HP share price. Pardon me but I�m amazed at the tone of the language used in this forum. I think it will serve everybody well if issues are discussed objectively, without using foul language or worse still, personal attacks. Investors enter this forum to seek views and see robust arguments (not nonsense small talks), in order to make informed decisions. Please refrain from emotional outbursts. Respect begets respect. May courtesy prevails in this forum.

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    • This is very reasonable among reasonable people.
      I agree with you in essence. There are people commenting thinking that their comment can protect their investment.

    • After reading as much as I could from various sources, my take is that the pretexting scandal has been blown out of proportion by the press. It seems the press has an axe to grind. By sensationalizing the issue, the journalists have made a mountain out of a mole hill.

      There's no question that boardroom leaks must be investigated and the culprit punished. One selfish betrayer leaks boardroom secrets for personal gain has the potential of bringing harm to not only the livelihoods of hundreds and thousands of company employees, but also innocent shareholders. The welfare of the company, its employees and investors far exceeds the unethical act of a traitor. The court must be seen to protect the larger good of the whole lots, than the selfish act of an individual.

      It�s a pity that the investigators do not have the talents of Sherlock Holmes and did a sub-standard job. What the Chairwoman set out to achieve is commendable. In fact, it�s the duty of all heads of any company to protect the interests of all its stakeholders. At the end of the day, the juicy news going around the rumor mill plays a big part in leading to her down fall. It seemed this hurricane has not died down, till the CEO goes along with it.

      If the CEO goes, who is there to gain? I can only think of the unhappy journalists.

    • You must be NEW to this board. NOTHING SERIOUS happens here. Discussions or otherwise.

    • if you want serious, intelligent, and objective opinions then all the liberals and Democrats must leave this board. It's just that simple.

      BTW, IMO, this scandal won't affect HP's quarter. They will meet or exceed the expectations of Wall Street. My quess is they will exceed. HP is a screaming "buy"

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      • If you believe this won't affect the company financially, then you must have missed the demise of the HP Medical Products Division. The bottom line was that although they stayed in business, the FDA investigation was too costly and hurt so profits badly that they were first "spun off" to Agilent, then sold to Philips for a song (circa 1999-2001).
        This current problem is not likely to kill HP, but it's probably more than a flesh wound.
        Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • If you are looking for a rational and objective discussion, this is not the place. I occasionally read the messages on this board to see what the fringe opinion and the upset former employees have to say. There is absolutely no serious investing advice that is discussed on this board. I would look for another forum and save you eyes from the profanity

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