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  • plmarion2000 plmarion2000 Jul 5, 2008 11:31 PM Flag

    Hey Hewlett hacker where's my dispoable chinese pc

    1 1/2 months offline the market crashed & I lost 11k in the mkt. My E bay transactions are not completed so I will be receiving my 1st negative feedbacks after nearly 400 sells. My money is locked in pay pal & I didn't have any cash to celebrate the 4th of July . I've since told roughly 100 people about this sorry co. I will continue to pos numerous statemnets on bulletin boards till they give me a working computer or my money back

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    • Offline but you have time to manage to get online to whine and show everyone you are an idiot?? Bwahahahahaha....go away Mr. Dell.

    • another HP happy customer. The CEO's don't have to listen to the angry customers. They are too pre occupied with their lavish lifestyles. Golfing,yaught racing,flying the co jetto vaca.Milking out the expense accounts & endulging in their perks. As long asthey get theirs they'll still put the hp name on the outsourced mass produced sh!t boxes they call computers. Does anybody have a recent hp computer that has lasted over a year. The older
      out of date stuff lasted. These nrewer products are taking up too much space in land fills

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