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  • chameonu chameonu Oct 9, 2008 1:16 PM Flag

    Why you should NOT vote for Obama

    You sir are full of vile and disinformation. IF you had attended one of Barack's rallies I am sure you would have a totally different view of things. You are simply one in a long line of people who has been brainwashed by the Republicans and their failed policies. Barack will bring real change!

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    • Your post is very telling. Just by attending one of Obama's rallies I will "have a totally different view of things". In one rally? Really? Who's been brainwashed?

    • Excuse me - THEY ARE ALL A BUNCH OF LIARS but as someone has to be president (I WISH WE HAD A THIRD CHOICE) I will pick the liar that will not sell me DOWN A FRIGGIN SOCIALIST PATH and sell me and our secrets to the rest of the world! THE STOCK MARKET IS GOING DOWN BECAUSE THE MEDIA IS TELLING US OBAMA IS GOING TO WIN or is ahead in the polls. As he plans to tax the so called rich they are pulling their money out of the stock market and putting them in other tax shelters. Idoits you only get taxed on EARNED INCOME not the money you already have. So as the rich pull out their money the market continues to fall. Even with a new tax on exporting jobs don't you think it will still be cheaper to do business over seas than here? And if the tax gets too high then they'll just close the doors and re-open under existing laws in other places using different names. ACORN? NUTS FOR SQUIRRELS?

    • yep, Barack will bring real change - a different set of pols will be taking the kickbacks and a concentration of them will be in Chicago.

    • I am sure if you had any real facts to dispute the issue with, you would have given them. Obamas actions do not align with his words. attend a rally...hahahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh.

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