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  • jaguarsxxxv jaguarsxxxv Jan 2, 2010 12:47 PM Flag

    HP is annoying and CHEAP! My first and last exp with HP! Read

    Anyhow, HP is nothing but a remnant company of the 1990's. You do-do's probably have bought HP stock at the top and are now hanging around these forums like hakws puncing at anyone who sounds negative. LOL.

    You can tell how desperate they are by the amount of crap they try and make you install on your pc after you purchase one of their products. That's pathetic HP. HP = one big Titanic ship, get off before you sink with it.

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    • The cable is not included because the environut cases complain about waste. Most people have a dozen of those USB printer cables lying around the house now. The "junk" that gets installed is so the consumer can spend $5 less on a printer in the cut throat nature of the printer business now days. HP saves $5 on the printer and $1 on a cable. That is $6 per printer because cheap folks like whoever gave it as a gift didn't want to pay $55 for the printer but wanted it for $49.

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