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  • vt_investor vt_investor May 30, 2010 12:07 PM Flag

    The birds are coming home to roost

    For the past 40 years or more the Republican party has pushed for less government regulation of private industry and private companies. They would repeat that private companies knew best. That competition would help them do the right thing. Private companies would always do what was right for their investors, their customers, and the citizens of this country.

    So, deregulate we did. Leads by the Republicans, and with the support of many Democrats.

    But now, on Wall Street, in our banks, and now in the Gulf of Mexico, all those deregulation birds are coming home to roost.

    What are those Republicans deregulators going to do for an encore?

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    • Hi VT,

      Just dropped in to see if anything much has changed around here in the last few months and I see that it hasn't. The lunatics are still running the asylum, or so it appears.

      My wife and I had a wonderful vacation in Vermont, not too far from you, and managed to enjoy decent weather most of the time after what I hear was a miserable summer. We took day hikes on the Long Trail where we met a half-dozen through hikers either heading to Canada or Georgia. I like hiking but the allure of that gig eludes me.

      It was hard coming back to work after a peaceful month in the mountains but on the other hand I was just beginning to miss the office, so I guess the timing was right.

      I'm not going to stick around; I might be tempted to begin arguing with Lan and start sliding down the slippery slope to daily blogging after I finally kicked the habit.

      Hope all is well with you and yours,


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      • Hello Refugee.

        I'm glad you had a great time in VT this summer. I'm not sure who told you that this summer was miserable. It must have been someone who didn't like both the temperature and the humidity above 90 for weeks at a time. I found this summer much better that last year, when the summer was almost entirely wet and cold. We have the best garden this year that we've had for at least 15 years because of the sunny warm weather.

        If you were in the southern part of Vermont, where the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail are the same trail (about 95 miles), you might have met a friend of mine who was leading a group of through hikers (Georgia to Maine). This trip was his 13th end to end hike of the A T. We raced boats and hiked together in college, and he made a profession of it. He's now going to give up end to end hiking, and will take up dancing.

        You are right that there is still a dearth of logic and rationality on this board. A few seem to have left, but it has made only minimal difference. Maybe some have found jobs and have less free time now. I'm too busy to get into any extended discussions (which is a good thing), but I do return from time to time.

        Have a great autumn back home.

      • "...I had a wonderful vacation in Vermont, not too far from you..."
        If you were in Vermont, how far away could you have possibly been?
        That's one of the states you can drive through without stopping for gas.

    • well, chinese make the most use of that thing around here.

    • jokfun,

      You must be migrant from Okie yourself, yet less informed:

    • What is alternative, we should start regulating the hell out of our corporations? That would not work, the government beaureaucracy can't run any economy, and they can't run smoothly anything.

      We need a honest laws, that would allow the free enterprises to succeed and also protect our citizens against selfish-greed, racketeering, conspiracies, and public corruption We also need to protect our civil-rights, without liberty one has nothing We have all the laws in the book, regardless we need to enforce them.

      We also need to handle the massive job-exportation dilemma, and that is not easy. We need a progressive government at this time, with widespread popular appeal.

    • bac.ward once again posts >Don't push the whole thing onto one segment of society.

      when the price of oil goes up, all segments of society pay for it ... there are no free rides

      the long term solution is green energy and inproved efficiency when fossil fuels are used

    • You remind me of the football coach of one of the Midwestern Universities whose team lost a big game. After the game he called in his team and told them: "You're a bunch of worthless s- of b-tches. This college has housed you, educated you, and fed you for years. Now I want my money back. Barf up all the food you've eated at our expense for the last four years! Barf it up now!"

      So what I want YOU do to is take out every gallon of gasoline that YOU have ever used from the Gulf of Mexico, every barrel of heating oil from the Gulf that got you through the winter, and every cubic foot of natural gas from the Gulf that heated your stove.

      Barf all of that up and THEN complain about the oil being drilled in the Gulf of Mexico.

      The point is that it is not realistic to expect to "win every game." You train your team the best you can, and you don't go batshit when they foul up every once in a while.

    • So your solution is what? The Tax'n Spend, BIG GOVERNMENT, fast-track our economy off the cliff approach we're seeing now? BTW, maybe this BP accident wouldn't have happened if not for the many safety waivers issued under OBAMA.

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