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  • donaldwilkinson91 donaldwilkinson91 Sep 22, 2010 6:29 PM Flag

    Re: Barney Frank Poll


    I don't like Barney Frank because he tried to blame the mortgage fiasco on the Bush administration .He was one of the people that advocated giving unqualified people mortgages that were beyond their means. As to his sexual orientation, that's his business. You folks that are denigrating him must have a problem with your own sexuality. Grow up!

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    • I am not surprised that you, an idiot, can't grasp Obama greatness. Others do, it is not important what you think. Go on, and waste your vote on a repuk candidate.

    • It wasn't Frank or Dodd but Bush/Cheney that caused this financial destruction. The Bush administration refused to rein in the banks and mortgage broker loan fraud. These Liar Loans were illegal and wide-spread. As President, Bush was the Top Federal Regulator of the US and had he done his job, the financial catastrophe would have been stopped before it grew. He made his regulators go 'hands-off' when dealing with the financial fraud and it raged on until it was on the edge of worldwide collapse, only TARP pulled it back. Today we all live with the wreckage, and picking up the pieces is the job Obama and the Dems have been elected to fix. Never Never trust republican judgement on anything financial.

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