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  • ursofulofkrap ursofulofkrap Jan 12, 2012 1:10 PM Flag

    FDA Halts All Orange Juice Imports!

    And what is the repub. policy toward feeding contaminated orange juice to pregnant women and harming the fetus? Just curious.

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    • That regulation kills jobs! The key GOP dogma.

      The FDA is regulation. Please don't tell me that the GOP likes the FDA!

      Next you'll be telling me they like the EPA.

      Please don't tell me, that in this case, the FDA is a good use of tax money.

      You'll be tossed out of the Republican party!

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      •'re so close. can we please remember to use the proper political adjectives though?

        when talking about jobs you need to call them "much needed" jobs and when talking about regulation it's "wasteful" government regulations.

        The much needed part sends the "I feel your pain" message to those affected and by adding the word wasteful to regulation one can concentrate the peoples focus on the waste part instead of the regulation part.

        Hey everyone hates waste so if you're against that you're good to go. However if you just say that you're against regulations well there just might be some things in there that are seen as good by certain you know...let's make sure we get the right verbiage in there if we're going to mock the politicians.

        ha...Who knows if this entire thing is being staged or if they're doing their jobs and there really is a problem ya know?

        The lobbyist either have driven this issue or they are running around on Kay street right now asking congress who told your people to do anything? These departments are there for show until we need to use them to manipulate trade and prices and stuff. When we want you to test something and publish the results we'll let you know..

        I mean look around. Ya got the dept of justice running guns into mexico for the drug cartels trying to create a crisis so that more gun laws can be passed.

        Then you have ALL the banking regulators refusing to bring charges against the banks on mortgage liar loan frauds and security frauds.

        Then we have the SCOTUS telling us corporations are people and in addition to that Judges are ruling that a person with money in a savings account because they didn't want to risk their money in the market should be placed at the back of the line and corps like JP Morgan should be paid first because they took risky bonds on...I'm referring to MF Global if you don't get it.

        It's like all these agencies are there to put on a show and that's that. I'm a bit surprised that they just don't come out and say "that the horse is already out of the barn and trying to do anything about is now is like locking the gate. The same message we got when the mexican H1N1 flu came across the border. Since the H1N! would mainly effect the elderly and those with health issues Washington probably seen that crisis as helping the economy. Hey, let it in. Most of those people are not working anyways and many others are sucking funds out of the social security lock box so it's a win-win for something like this as we can all play the victims. I have no trust of anything out of Washington anymore and I believe that there are many more like me and even more each day coming to the realization that it's all b.s. and it's been b.s. for a long time. BOTH PARTIES!

        Throw ALL the incumbents out.

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