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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Mar 2, 2012 7:04 PM Flag

    Obama Calls Fluke

    If I'm not mistaken, the Republicans have launched into another major blunder. Perhaps they've begun to finally self-destruct.

    The President is taking a side against Limbaugh, indirectly, on an issue that resonates with about 90% of women. The President is on the majority side on this. Rush can have 100% of the chauvinistic men, Obama will take 100% of women, that's a good trade, a great trade.

    I have to ask: do you people not deal with women? Do you understand what an incendiary issue family planning is? Do you not realize it shaped much of the 20th Century? Do you not know the degree of intensity with which women regard their own reproductive choices?

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    • >> Too bad they don't have half the common sense their predecessors had.

      Who was leading by example? Maybe consumerism requiring 2 working parents wasn't such a good idea and those low paid teachers didn't do the job?? Maybe all those viagra ads on TV weren't a good idea?

      Who is to blame here?? The MIA parents? The Corporations? no - I'm sure you will say the democrats as usual!

    • Really? California is a progressive and highly developed state providing lots of revenue to our Union, not like Idaho, for example, a burden to our Union; just draining our treasury funds.

    • Rush isn't "the Republicans", and he isn't running for office. If anyone plans to base their vote on what he says, hopefully they are too stupid to figure out how to vote anyway.

    • I haven't followed this too closely, but how do you really know that she (or her husband, or boyfriend) were promiscuous?

      Our predecessors often had 6, 8, 12, or more kids. Was that common sense? It looks like "they" may have more common sense that our predecessors had!

    • -To suggest that it is impossible to know what Limbaugh was trying to convey is probably one of the ludicrous comments you have ever made. Limbaugh is laser like in what he wants to convey.
      -Direct quote from her testimony, "Just last week a married female student told me she had to stop using contraception because she couldn't afford it any more". What was definitely not in her testimony, despite what Limbaugh said, was "I am having so much sex I can't afford my birth control anymore". Or "I need a government program to pay for my contraception so I can have more sex".
      -There is no proof she chose Georgetown solely and deliberately to fight their position on birth control. What she said was that when she was evaluating law programs she looked at the insurance benefits offered and she made a conscious decision not to let the University's policy deprive her of the right to a quality education. Upon admission she joined the Law Students for Reproductive Justice.
      She may not be Snow White, but neither is she the Wicked Witch, a militant, or a slut.

    • -"Choice of words was unfortunate"? It was not unfortunate, it was deliberate and it was made to impugn and degrade.
      -If his "point" was truly promiscuity than he should have discuss his point using Newt and Calista as examples, not Ms Fluke. Her testimony was entirely around the need of affordable contraception for medical purposes and young married adults who are not in a financial position to have children.

      "The personal responsibility related that comes with procreation has been lost on this generation." I believe the "sexual revolution" occured in the sixties. LOL

    • Springy, there is a fine line between freedom of speech and slander, which is a criminal offense. I think this time Limbaugh has crossed the line.
      What makes his name calling particularly egregious is he use his airtime to completely fabricate the content of her "testimony" to justify his slurs. Other than Steve, or maybe Kirk and Richard who have not one ounce of decency or common sense, I cannot believe that even staunch conservatives are not disgusted by his behavior.

    • for a date.

    • I wonder if he called the family of the soldiers murdered in Afghanistan.....probably not as he does not care about our soldiers.

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